Lucky Hunter 4 years

Summing up the results of the year, sharing our achievements, building plans for 2022
New Year is coming. For us, at Lucky Hunter, this isn't just a holiday. On the 25th of December, we mark another important date - the company's birthday. It beggars belief that our company turned 4 years!

The 2021 year, like any other year, is replete with events. Let's remember what happened in our team over the past year, sum up the results and, of course, share hot photos from our corporate party. Off we go!


First of all, let's say about the new addition to the ranks of the lucky ones: our team has grown incredibly over the past year. The wonderful IT recruiter Katya began to work with us, the wonderful Yulia joined the marketing department, having occupied the position of a Content Manager, and our boss Tanya has hired a cool personal assistant Liza.
Content Manager
IT Recruiter
Personal Assistant
In addition, in 2021, we formed two full-fledged recruiting teams. IT Researchers Alika and Karina joined the painstaking work of our Lead recruiters Lera and Daria on finding the best IT candidates.
IT Researcher
IT Researcher
The girls excellently cope with the task of being "detectives", and we are sure that in 2022 our specialists will be able to fill rare vacancies in the position of IT recruiters!

And, of course, we are all for gender balance, so we remind you that a real man Georgy is now working with us and skillfully accompanies us to interviews and relieves stress perfectly :)
Lucky Hunter team Gosha. IT recruitment agency for recruiting technoloy specialists for companies hiring developers Lucky Hunter


Every year our corporate events become something more ambitious and exciting. Let's name this year - the year of music because wonderful musicians have played at three Lucky Hunter corporate parties this year.
We also went sailing, had a picnic, ate in a cafe in honour of the birthday of our boss Tanya, danced and talked a lot.
Share some photos from these corporate events with you:
It is also significant that our entire team went on holiday for the whole weekend for the first time. We cooked excellent barbecue, drank wine, rode SUP and just took a break from the built-up fuss and tough work schedule. Reminding you how it was:
But, of course, the most important thing for us in this article is to share photos from the final, New Year's corporate party of the company. As always, we had a great time, changed gifts, shared impressions and talked a lot.

Our cool boss Tanya managed to create an amazing New Year's atmosphere (which is a challenging task, given the chaos and depressing weather outside the window), for which special thanks to her!


In 2021 year we started working with a lot of awesome clients able to build breakthrough IT products. Among the most famous clients, we would like to highlight Tinkoff. Investments, and subsequently Tinkoff. Bank, Sbermarket, Sperasoft, Playrix, Intentomatic.

But the coolest thing is that more and more our clients are international companies. For example, we started cooperation with a cool German startup Matterway, British startups Cordless and Customuse, found candidates for Chattermill, Exos Financial and many other clients from all over the world.
And, of course, actively filling vacancies for new clients, we don' forget about our regular customers. In total, in 2021, we filled 168 positions for 32 clients.
We are sure that in the New Year even more hot offers await us, which, we are sure, our dear candidates will actively accept :)


In 2021, Lucky Hunter went on two business trips at once - to Perm, where our founder Tatiana Melnichuk spoke at the TEDx conference, and to Minsk, where we represented Lucky Hunter at the Tibo international IT conference.
These trips have shown that for us there are no geographical boundaries, but it's even more important that we are invited to take part in such significant events for the world community.
And in August 2021, Tatiana recorded another video for TEDx, in which she discussed why people don't like their job. If you are still not among the 6,000 lucky people who managed to watch the video, do it right now. When, if not in the New Year, to finally start loving what you are doing? :)

Social projects

An important indicator that things are getting better at Lucky Hunter is the growth of social responsibility. Now we can afford not only cool corporate parties, foreign business trips and a conscious choice of clients.
We can be accountable to society by participating in important social events.
For example, we planted our first tree, started sorting trash and recycling paper together with the Dobrobum project from Svetocopy, and in 2022 together with the Zeleny Petersburg charitable organization we will launch a special campaign designed to make our city St. Petersburg more eco-friendly.
Realizing that any worthy business must benefit society, we plan to further develop the social component of our business in 2022. We believe that you will help us with this!


As we have already said, things are only getting better at Lucky Hunter. This is evidenced by the fact that the turnovers of our company are growing rapidly, and in 2021 they doubled.

What does it mean?

This means that next year we will actively expand our recruiting staff, and in January a designer will join our marketing department. Now we will do everything not only with high quality but also create a beautiful design for our website and social networks. So don't forget to follow us on our social networks!
And reminding you that now we have our personal Telegram channel, where we share the most crucial and hot-button issues from the world of recruiting. We are waiting for your visit:)


And, of course, where there is active growth of the team, there is also an active decrease in the working space :) Therefore, we decided to move to a new spacious office with a separate meeting room, kitchen and dance area in honour of vacancies filling=)

We've already moved, so we are inviting you over, at the same time, you'll have a great opportunity to communicate personally with our "anti-stress" Gosha!


Nevertheless, being a first-class agency and providing a service that is much higher than the market average, we will raise the prices for our services.

Don't get us wrong, we still love working with startups, so for young projects, we'll keep discounts and will be glad to find employees in new companies that are unique on the market :)

We also actively continue to develop our CVHub service and in 2022 we plan to strengthen its position in the market, expand our staff, conquer new horizons and launch more and more voluntary as well as commercial projects with our partners.
We believe that the next herald dedicated to the celebration of 5 years of Lucky Hunter will be published from London!
In the meantime, we wish you a Happy New Year! Thank you for staying with us, believing in our success and following us on our social networks (you follow us, arent' you? )

We wish you health, growth, prosperity and everything you dream of! Hooray!

And, of course, fill vacancies with Lucky Hunter: you will be surprised how quickly and efficiently you can find a specialist even for the rarest IT position!

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