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Our blog is growing rapidly. This is evidenced not only by the growing traffic statistics but also by the increase in the number of requests for writing guest articles and branded content for the Lucky Hunter blog.

Due to the fact that we are often asked about the terms of publications on our blog, we decided to create a separate page in which we tell everything that may interest you :)

If you would like us to publish your article, please send it to pr@luckyhunter.io.

About Lucky Hunter Blog

We started to keep our blog in 2018. Our audience is IT companies, IT specialists, in-house and external recruiters, HR specialists. Our blog traffic is constantly growing and today it is about 5,000 unique visitors per month. This is, for example, a Google Analytics report for the period from September 1, 2022 to October 1, 2022:

Themes we are writing about

We respect our readers, therefore we accept only relevant articles. Topics we write on include:
  • 1
    IT recruiting
    These are articles about tech staff selection, sourcing, trends, industry news, hiring, recruiting processes, etc. We also like tips and life hacks for IT recruiters.
  • 2
    Articles on HR topics
    We and our audience enjoy reading about HR brands, employee onboarding processes, motivation, IT staff adaptation, trends and much more from the HR sphere.
  • 3
    Content about technologies and everything related to the IT-sphere
    These can be articles about programming languages, technologies, the IT labour market. We also accept case studies, research, interesting infographics and statistics.

Please do not send us materials if they do not fit into the concept of the blog. If you doubt, write to: pr@luckyhunter.io and find out if your topic is suitable for our blog. We will definitely help you and answer all your questions!

Terms of publishing guest posts

  • 1
    It's free. You don't have to pay anything.
  • 2
    We do not put a link to your site/product/service or anything that might look like an ad.
  • 3
    We do not add your brand name to the article body. As part of the guest posting, we add the name of the author of the article, add a link to the LinkedIn or Facebook profile (if desired) and include the name of the author's company in a separate "About the author" section.
We do not promote brands and companies in guest articles. If you want to mention your brand or put a link, use our affiliate program.

Terms of publishing branded content

We publish branded content on a paid basis. We add up to two do-follow links to the website of our partner's company. You can mention your brand in the article body. Also, we add a short bio of the author and a headshot at the bottom of the page.


Branded content published in the “guest posts” section
Branded content published in the other section (recruiting, IT - etc)
Please, pay attention that the article will be also added to our “guest posts” section.


Promotion of your article at the top of the blog page (first screen)
the blog post will be there for 2 weeks
Promotion of your article at the top (second screen)
the blog post will be there for 2 weeks
Promotion of your article at the top (third screen)
the blog post will be there for 2 weeks

Own branded page

If you wish, we can create your own branded page with your guest posts on our website.

  • The price is $500
  • The page lives forever

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
For other collaborations – interviews, tests etc. please contact pr@luckyhunter.io.

General content requirements

  • 1
    The content must be unique (at least 90% of the originality) and must not have been previously published anywhere.
  • 2
    The article should be no less than 500 words and no more than 1500 words.
  • 3
    The content should be useful to the audience of our blog. We do not publish too promotional articles that have no practical use to our readers. Even on a paid basis.
  • 4
    The article should not contain content prohibited by law and moral and ethical norms of society.
  • 5
    The content should not contain false information, and all links that you include in the article should lead to trusted sources.
  • 6
    You can add your own images and videos to the post.
The Lucky Hunter team retains the right not to publish content that does not meet the editorial line of our blog. The rights of the content posted on our site belong to the author of the content.

If you have any questions regarding copyright infringement, we temporarily "hide" the publication until the circumstances are clarified. The Lucky Hunter Blog does not solve copyright infringement issues.

Article publication: steps

  • 1
    You send the material to the email: pr@luckyhunter.io, and if it meets the rules of our blog, we will publish it with great pleasure. Otherwise, we will tell you how you can improve the article so that it appears on the pages of our blog.
  • 2
    We independently add the article to our website in accordance with the style of our blog, add pictures (in case you have not added your visual content to the article), pre-checking the text for spelling and punctuation mistakes.
  • 3
    We publish your blog post.
On average, the publication of content from the moment of its approval takes 10-14 days.

If you have any questions, please write to: pr@luckyhunter.io. And if you want to order some of Lucky Hunter services, contact us through the feedback form. We look forward to your cool content!