5 simple rules that will make a recruiter's life easier

Let's see how a recruiter can make not only his life more pleasant and easier, but also the lives of candidates and colleagues as well with just a few rules :)

What is recruiting? The need to make decisions in a short time, urgent vacancies and rapidly changing realities are only a small piece of what an IT recruiter faces on a daily basis. All of this often affects the level of stress, mental condition, and the general tension experienced by the recruiter.

Therefore, we have collected several rules that will help the recruiter to make not only their life easier, but also the lives of colleagues and candidates.

Learn to talk about problems

The concept seems to be simple, but in practice it turns out to be one of the most difficult to implement — and, as a rule, in all types of relationships, from personal to working.

Why is it so important to learn to talk about your expectations, questions and concerns?
The answer is very trivial — unfortunately, we (at least, so far :)) do not know how to read the thoughts of others, and no one will understand your claims if you do not speak about them.
A recruiter interacts with a huge flow of people every day: not only with candidates, but also with clients, as well as colleagues. Like any work with people, recruiting involves a lot of controversial points, reactions and the presence of any emotions.

Is the candidate or the client crossing the line of business ethics? Do not accumulate everything in yourself — indicate politely, but firmly that such a style of dialogue is unacceptable for you.

Has there been some misunderstanding between you and a colleague, or is there something you would like to share? Talk with them, calmly and politely state your point of view and arguments, share your experiences. Again, a busy work rhythm and frequent stress can sometimes add tension in relations within the team.
Therefore, it is important to be able to conduct an adequate dialogue not only with candidates or clients, but also with those with whom you work side-by-side.

Be honest

We believe that recruiting is about honesty. To build strong long-term relationships with people (whether candidates or colleagues), it is important to be honest and be able to openly talk about any controversial issues, possible risks and complications.
Such a format gives the employer the opportunity to test the skills he is interested in promptly and without going beyond the time limits of the interview.
Why? Honesty will save the world :) Maybe not the whole world, of course, but it will definitely help you in your work: people appreciate sincerity. Keep the dialogue open.

Build personal boundaries

Java, Python, Golang developers, gamedev specialists, QA — this isn't a full list of specialists we communicate with everyday. In the IT market today, a serious struggle for each candidate takes place every day: IT specialists are in high demand, so the stakes are very high.
This, in turn, leads to quite strenuous work, as a rule, often in a tight time frame, and a lot of responsibility.
Mark personal boundaries — they are important not only in personal, but also in business communication: learn to understand when the recruiter's responsibility ends and the company's responsibility begins, refuse to cooperate in time if there are risks that it will be painful for you.

Respect each other

Despite the fact that the principle of "treat people the way you want people to treat you" is as old as the world, it still remains relevant. Working with such an impressive stream of resumes, as happens with recruiters, it is difficult to keep in mind that you are dealing with real people, and not with faceless CV files describing work experience and professional skills.

Do not forget that behind every message, letters on the screen and lines of a resume there are real people with their own life experience, values and characteristics, and each of them needs individual approach.

Love not just your work, but also yourself

The formula "love what you do", again, sounds extremely trite, but, nevertheless, we are convinced that it is important to love your work. Especially if it is stressful enough and you need impressive resources — without passion for the profession, it is difficult to survive the stress, which is very much in recruiting.
However, the golden mean is important here: for the love of work, do not forget about self-love. Watch your condition, learn to listen to yourself.
We hope that these tips can make life a little easier for recruiters who have read our article :) Do not forget that despite the impressive number of challenges, non-standard cases and controversial points, recruiting is cool!
Polina Barabanova
Content Manager at Lucky Hunter
Specializes in tech staff recruitment, startups, tech research, career, HR, and news topics. With her expertise, she provides valuable insights and practical advice to navigate the ever-evolving tech industry.

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