Lucky Hunter celebrates its 5th anniversary!

Summing up the results, talking about changes, making plans
2022 was the most challenging year of Lucky Hunter's life. We were forced to leave the country, opened 4 legal entities around the world — in Armenia, the UAE, Kazakhstan and the UK, constantly rebuilt work processes and looked for new ways to interact with clients.

It was a really tough year. But at the same time, we not only coped with the difficulties but also managed to grow, find new clients, and reach a completely new level. And we also celebrated the anniversary of Lucky Hunter grandiosity: we celebrated the five-year anniversary of the company in Armenia!

Hot photos from the corporate party, the results of the crazy 2022 and plans — in our annual newsletter!


Lucky Hunter is a story about a stable company in which the team is only growing, and this is good news: four employees in our team in 2022 celebrated their fourth anniversary in the company! These are our Lead IT recruiters Mary, Valerie and Daria, as well as Polina, the head of our small but very hardworking marketing and PR department :)
  • Mary
    Head of IT Recruitment
  • Valerie
    Lead IT Recruiter
  • Daria
    Lead IT Recruiter
  • Polina
    Head of PR
An important date - a year in the company was celebrated by our three colleagues who have already become indispensable to our team. These awesome professionals are Catherine, Karina and Alika. Karina and Alika came to us for the position of researchers and very quickly managed to grow to the position of junior IT recruiters. This is an incredibly fast growth, which shows the professionalism and proficiency of our team!

But that's not all: at the end of December 2021, we found a wonderful designer Yulia. Having come to us as a novice specialist, Julia very quickly grew into a professional designer, constantly improving and enhancing our numerous websites, presentations, banners and social networking pages. Julia is our everything, we cannot imagine Lucky Hunter without you. Hooray!
  • Catherine
    IT Recruiter
  • Karina
    Junior IT Recruiter
  • Alika
    Junior IT Recruiter
  • Julia
And, of course, reminding you about colleagues that joined us in 2022. Four new but very cool specialists joined us at once: very hardworking and wonderful IT researchers Olya and Guzel, an incredible personal assistant to our boss Tanya – Nina, and incendiary, enterprising and courageous Diana who took the position of our first Business Development Manager.
  • Guzel
    Sourcing IT specialist
  • Olya
    Sourcing IT specialist
  • Nina
    PA to CEO
  • Diana
    Business Developer


February 2022 changed the plans for many of us, including our clients. It was difficult, scary and unclear how to continue the work and what to expect from the future. Some clients put cooperation on hold, some completely stopped hiring new specialists, and some had to cut staff. It was a difficult time for all of us.

At the same time, we tried to support our clients as best we could: we launched a separate relocation service, adjusted to changing market conditions, and quickly gained expertise in recruiting specialists from the most exotic regions.

It was not easy, but we coped with everything: we gradually restarted work with our regular clients, including our irreplaceable partner Tinkoff, and also began cooperation with new cool companies:
  • Food Rocket
    Food Rocket is a Chicago-based foodtech startup that provides the fastest grocery delivery in the US, promising door-to-door delivery within 10-15 minutes of placing an order.
  • Nexters
    Nexters is an international game development company which strives to introduce the joy of core gaming experiences to casual players on mobile and desktop.
  • Semrush
    Online visibility management SaaS platform that has been used by over 10,000,000 marketers worldwide.
  • Anki Pro
    A learning app that helps you to study efficiently with flashcards.
  • Feather
    Digital insurance that helps you ditch the paperwork — all in English.
  • Pay Sonix
    Paysonix is a provider of technical solutions for PSPs and merchants that need to process online payments.
  • Simple
    The fasting and meal tracking app with educational content.
  • Unikoom
    This platform is built to change the culture of decision making.
  • Brazy
    Inspired by crazy ideas and a cool team, Brazy creates a quality product in the gaming and entertainment industry.
We are glad that we can work with such strong, cool and progressive companies! We believe that in 2023 we will find as inspiring and cool partners as we have right now!


2022 has also confused plans in our corporate life. We relocated to different countries, but at the same time we were constantly looking for opportunities to communicate - we arranged "wine parties", and coffee meetings with the new Lucky Hunter members, met wherever we could and how we could.

We know how to work remotely and appreciate the free schedule, but we really miss each other, especially considering that we used to rock corporate parties every two or three months.
Nevertheless, despite a lot of obstacles and difficulties, we managed to get everyone together, and not just anywhere, but in Yerevan, the city in which we opened the first legal entity, the capital of the country, which accepts us as we are and is always glad to our visit to Armenia.

We had a very busy weekend: having met on Friday, December 23, we immediately went to a restaurant to celebrate the long-awaited reunion of Lucky Hunter, and on Saturday we celebrated a significant date - the fifth anniversary of Lucky Hunter!

But that's not all: on Sunday we spent the whole day together, studying the history and culture of Armenia, visiting monasteries and temples, visiting the mountains, descending into ancient caves and tasting delicious wine!

We are very grateful to our boss Tanya for having decided to bring us all together. This is very valuable and undoubtedly raises the corporate spirit. Special thanks to Nina for the quality organization of such a complex event!

Sharing photos from the trip:
Professional photos from the event will be ready very soon! Subscribe to us on social networks (if not yet) and stay tuned! Photos are charged for success and prosperity, so don't miss them :)


We have more plans for 2023 than ever before. We will reach new turnovers, establish ourselves in new markets - especially in the UAE one, become one of the most recognizable IT recruitment companies in the world (wait for our articles in the New York Times), replenish the team with new specialists - we are looking forward to the coolest SMM specialist who will join us in New Year and finally boost our Twitter =)
We believe that the best is yet to come!
Dear friends, colleagues and partners! Congratulations on the upcoming holidays! We wish you good health, prosperity, stability and peace. Let everything turn out the way you dreamed. We all love, hug and really look forward to meeting in the New Year with those with whom we have not yet met!

P.S. We made a Christmas video for you! We are sure it will cheer you up!

And remember: once you’ll start working with us, you won’t want to work with anybody, but Lucky Hunter! See you in the New Year!

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