IT Staffing Service: Why Needed If You Have In-House HR?

IT staffing is a highly desired service in the market: an increasing number of companies need IT professionals. It is challenging to recruit tech specialists because demand significantly exceeds supply in the information technology field.

The complexities of hiring tech specialists aren't only related to staff shortages. Technology companies are launching a large number of new projects that require entire teams of tech professionals in a short time. Rare tech specialists aren't on a job search, so recruiters need to be experts in headhunting.
To increase the efficiency of business processes and quickly recruit tech specialists, companies turn to specialized agencies, for which high-quality and quick selection of tech personnel is a key service.

What does the service of IT staffing include?

The service includes not only the selection of developers. IT staffing is also a search for professionals and related specialists: Support, Marketing, Gamedev and more.

IT recruiters specialize in the selection of specialists of all "levels": from recruiting Mid-level developers to selection of Senior specialists, as well as specialists knowing rare programming languages.

IT staffing stages

IT personnel selection includes five main stages:

Job opening discussion

This is a conversation with a client, during which recruiters discuss the requirements for a job opening, draw up a candidate's profile, work out a selection strategy and set deadlines for the task.

Candidate sourcing and recruiting
Includes active search, interviewing and evaluating candidates. The number of specialists falling into the recruiting funnel depends on the specifics and complexity of the job opening.

Candidate Processing

The stage includes referral of candidates to the customer, interview coordination with the client, support of the candidate at all stages of selection process.

Making an offer to candidates and subsequent acceptance of the offer or adjusting the search based on the feedback received.

Service payment

The remuneration for the candidate is most often made by the date of the candidate's employment. Most agencies provide a 100% guarantee of a single-time candidate replacement within the probation period.

Benefits of service

IT staffing service is useful for companies, because:
  • IT recruiters use a number of IT recruitment methods, such as boolean search, executive search, or online recruiting, not available to In-house HR specialists.
  • IT recruiters have access to a large number of services whereby specialists find the right candidates more accurately and quickly.
  • IT selection service provides guarantees. Companies that turn to IT recruitment agencies are legally protected and have a title to one free employee replacement within the probation period.
  • IT recruitment agencies have their own CV database and access to services, such as Amazing Hiring, Headhunter or special Telegram channels.
  • Agencies employ professional IT recruiters who know the features of conducting technical interviews

Differences of Lucky Hunter from other agencies

Lucky Hunter is an international IT recruitment agency. We are work according to our own recruitment methodology:
  • 1
    Lucky Hunter IT recruiters work in tandem with IT researchers. Researchers are looking for suitable candidates, recruiters "sell" job openings and engage in communications. Due to the focused specialization of each of them, the efficiency of personnel selection is increased at least 2 times.
  • 2
    Lucky Hunter recruiters work with companies from all over the world. This allows us to learn the latest trends in IT recruiting and implement only the best HR technologies.
  • 3
    The Lucky Hunter team follows its own principles, which helps us to do a high-quality job and keep steady partnership relations with each client.

If you need to fill a complex IT job opening, contact the Lucky Hunter team! We will be glad to help you.

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