How can you return to the work routine after long holidays?

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The New Year's holidays are over and we are happy to share with you our first article in 2022 :) After a long vacation, it can be difficult to get back into the working rhythm: over a long weekend, we relax and put ourselves back together again is often not so easy.

Therefore, we made a small instruction on how to get back into the working track without much stress, and also talked with the CEO of Lucky Hunter Tatiana Melnichuk — she shared with us a couple of useful life hacks and told us how the first day of the head of an IT recruiting agency usually looks like after a long weekend.

So, how can you make it easier for yourself to get back into the working rhythm?

Set specific goals that motivate you for the next period

For example, for a quarter or even for a month, because the goals can be long-term and short-term. While setting new goals and objectives, think back to the past year, summarize the results and think about what has been achieved, and what the path is still continuing to.
Determine what motivates you so much that you will not longingly think "oh, back to work again" every time the alarm clock rings in the morning.

Do not overstate the significance of events

It stands to reason, it's always nice to relax, but you shouldn't treat long weekends as something worth waiting for like manna from heaven. :) In fact, these are always the same non-working days as Saturday and Sunday, there are just more of them on holidays. They will not radically change your life, nothing will turn upside down and turn 180 degrees.

If you don't consider some event too seriously (in this case, New Year's holidays), it will become much easier to experience their end and calmly return to the work routine.

Organize pleasant moments for yourself

On holidays, we often visit pleasant events and places that we could not reach during the working period, or we delight ourselves with something else.

You do not need to leave all the pleasant routine exclusively for the holidays, because it is in your power to do things that are comfortable for you more often not only during vacation: think about what charges you with a positive, whether it's a cup of latte to go from your favorite coffee shop on the way to work or watching musicals in the evenings.

How do the first working days of January usually pass at our agency?

To be honest, it's quite intense, so you definitely don't have to be bored:) In IT recruiting, life boils even in such a seemingly relaxed time as the post-New Year period.

As a rule, our recruiters rush into battle from the first day: they sort the mail, plan and conduct the first calls with clients and interviews with candidates.
  • Tatiana Melnichuk
    Lucky Hunter CEO
    You just go to work and on the first day you get into a real rush. So, in contrast to my plans, this Monday was held in a super busy mode — a lot of requests from clients and letters, calls, meetings with the team. But I am already used to this, because the everyday life of a CEO almost never looks different — if you have been running your business for a long time, you understand: if you want the business to develop, you work a lot and intensively, with deadlines and urgent tasks, regardless of the season.
Tatiana also shared with us a life hack that helps her maintain a busy work rhythm and get into the routine after long holidays:
  • Tatiana Melnichuk
    Lucky Hunter CEO
    Realizing that I will not have much time to recover and slowly, calmly and gradually return to the work routine, I am already preparing myself in advance for the fact that, for example, the first working day after the holidays will be as busy as possible.
Tatiana also shared with us a life hack that helps her maintain a busy work rhythm and get into the routine after long holidays: "At the same time I try to take everything from the weekends and disconnect my head from work as much as possible".

Tatiana has also mentioned that of course, there are moments from which there is no escape — she always has a phone nearby to answer an urgent client's question if necessary or to be able to contact someone from her team, but despite this, she does her best to recharge during the vacation period.
  • Tatiana Melnichuk
    Lucky Hunter CEO
    We hope our article was useful and will help you enter everyday working life — there are probably many more different challenges, discoveries and achievements ahead. We wish you a productive and interesting year in 2022!

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