Candidates in the IT market: brief description

The recruiter looks through a lot of CVs every day, conducts interviews and interacts with a huge number of candidates. However, each field has its own specifics, and the IT industry is no exception.

In a new article, telling you how candidates in the IT market differ.

Choose me

We often write that the IT market is now a candidate-driven market. This trend won't change in the near future: the demand for IT specialists is very high — almost every candidate, as a rule, communicates with several companies at once.
Therefore, one of the features of candidates in the IT industry is selectivity.
Receiving offers from several IT companies at once, the candidate compares not only salary forks, but also looks where more attractive bonuses and favorable conditions are in general.

If junior specialists may still prefer getting experience to a high salary at first, middle and senior candidates usually do not agree to get salary with only "interesting projects" :) Therefore, in order for companies to remain competitive in the IT market and quickly fill job openings, it is important to be aware of the latest market trends and to be well-oriented in salaries and compensations.

Faster and faster

The second feature, characteristic of candidates in the IT field, is directly related to the first: they like efficiency in communication.

Again, due to the high demand and hunger games for almost every IT specialist, speed is important for a recruiter: a candidate may be interested in a vacancy, but if recruiting processes are slow (for example, an interview are scheduled only in a week), they will prefer a company with which interaction will be faster.
Delay in communicating with IT specialists will lead to the fact that they will accept the offer of your competitors, who have acted more quickly.

No test assignment

Along with efficiency, there is another important point characteristic of the IT industry: the absence of a test assignment.

It stands to reason, there are fields and professions that involve its implementation (for example, copywriting), but IT candidates today are much more likely to make a choice in favor of companies that do not include test assignment in the selection stages — they value the speed of recruiting processes and their personal time.
This is due, again, to the preference for quick interaction and unwillingness to spend time outside of the job interview to complete a test task.
Many IT companies have now found a compromise: if it is necessary to check the specific skills of a specialist, then lifecoding takes place during the interview. This is a win-win strategy for both sides: the employer learns the level and skills of the candidate, and the candidate does not waste their personal time working on test assignments.

Being flexible is important

In addition, of course, there are a number of certain personal traits that candidates may have. A recruiter, in general, should be prepared for the fact that not the easiest people to communicate with, whether they are candidates themselves or clients, may arise on their way.

That is why we like to say that the profession of an IT recruiter consists of several professions at once, including a psychologist: sometimes you have to find a personal approach to completely different interlocutors.
Recently we talked with our IT-rescher Alika Khanova: speaking about the specifics of working in IT-recruiting and communicating with candidates, Alika noticed that it is important to be flexible — otherwise you won't see success :)
Of course, this is not a complete list of the features of candidates in the IT market, but at least now you know the main points. We hope that we have managed to open the veil of secrets of IT recruiting for you at least a little bit.

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