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For over 3 years we've been successfully filling roles for a lot of companies: from small startups to leaders on the international tech market. We work on the most ambitious tasks and achieve great results in 100% of cases.

What companies do we fill job openings for? Who are our clients? In what cases do we refuse to cooperate? Let's talk about these questions in the article.

Which companies do we fill roles for?

1. Startups

We really enjoy collaborating with unique and cool tech startups. Moreover, realizing how difficult it is for young projects at the outset of their way, we support the teams, providing the maximum possible discounts.
For several years of our work, we managed to work with the real "revolutionaries" of the tech market. Among such startups are medical projects, marketing services, and even Skolkovo residents.
However, we don't work with all startups. Some important criteria for us include such aspects:
  • the founder should know the uniqueness of the product;
  • he/she understands the killer feature and the advantages of the product.
We refuse to cooperate with projects without a killer feature, as well as with those projects that put forward non-market conditions to candidates.


Remember, a startup in most cases is a project that involves a lot of risks, and not every IT candidate will be ready to sacrifice stability and comfort for the sake of working for a young and risky project.

Because of the high demand for tech specialists, the working conditions should meet market conditions, and ideally, be slightly better than the market average.

This is especially true for startup projects. The average market salary there can't be compensated by a name, a cool office with a SPA zone, voluntary medical insurance, etc.

The product specifics are also very important for us. For example, we don't cooperate with projects that deal with illegal schemes (for example, online casinos), and treat crypto startups with caution.

2. Tech companies

We are glad to help IT companies build strong, motivated teams. We work with each client in accordance with the principle of partnership, help to build the candidate's profile, share the market trends, help in solving complex issues.

It doesn't matter what size, name or location the company has. We focus on the company's products, as well as the teams that develop them. We work with like-minded teams because we know that this is a 100% guarantee of successful cooperation.
Knowing several foreign languages, we work with companies from all over the world.
In a similar vein to the story with startups, we refuse to cooperate with those companies that put forward non-market conditions for a candidate. These conditions include:
  • salaries below the market average;
  • a large test assignment (ideally, it is recommended to stop including the test task in the recruitment stages once and for all);
  • too many recruiting stages (more than three).
We aren't saying that it's impossible to find a specialist for such conditions. Before concluding that it's impossible to fill a job opening, we take a comprehensive approach to studying the offer: we study the company, get acquainted with the team, analyze company bonuses, advantages, history.

If we see that the client's task is destined for failure, we suggest adjusting the opening. The client can ease the requirements for a candidate or change the working conditions. There are no other options because IT recruiting is not magic.

We guarantee a professional approach, diligent and painstaking work in order to fill an opening, adequacy, responsiveness, but we can't find a candidate that simply doesn't exist on the market.


Even if we luck out and find such a specialist, most likely this means that they don't know their real "value" in the market. In our experience, such specialists quickly leave the company because they receive a more attractive offer from another company.

If the client isn't ready to change the profile of such a candidate, we refuse to cooperate. Our motto is: "take on the vacancies you are sure to fill."

This doesn't mean that we fill only simple openings. On the contrary, we are passionate about challenging tasks: we successfully find and attract the rarest tech specialists in the world.

Still, it's important to understand the fact that it's one thing when there are necessary specialists but there are simply too few of them, and another thing is when such specialists don't exist in the market.

3. Companies with an IT department

The third pillar on which Lucky Hunter's work is built is companies with an IT department. Thus, we helped to select IT specialists for a large number of banks such as: a Russian auction house, financial, brokerage and other companies.

Recruiting specialists for a company where product development isn't the main direction is often more difficult from the perspective of a candidate motivation.

Still, for us at Lucky Hunter, this is an ordinary task: we know exactly how to get even the most sceptical candidate interested in an offer.


Nevertheless, we can refuse to cooperate with the company if we have a too large flow of vacancies we need to fill, and there are only 24 hours in a day :) Fortunately, we are constantly expanding our staff, making the team of our cool recruiters even bigger. That's why such stories happen extremely rarely.

If you are looking for an IT specialist right now, contact Lucky Hunter: we'll do our best to help you fill the job opening, and if we started working on the vacancy filling, be sure that we'll hire a cool IT talent for you!

Polina Barabanova
Content Manager at Lucky Hunter
Specializes in tech staff recruitment, startups, tech research, career, HR, and news topics. With her expertise, she provides valuable insights and practical advice to navigate the ever-evolving tech industry.

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