Dud Tips for Recruiters: How to Make a Specialist Ignore Your Emails?

A well-written email significantly increases the chances of a candidate's reply. Unfortunately, not every recruiter knows what a "well-written email" means, so makes mistakes that destroy further communication with a specialist at the very beginning.

We've collected the TOP 10 mistakes of recruiters and based on them made a list of dud tips. Spoiler: under no circumstances follow them if you still want to get the coveted responses :)

1. Don't include a subject line

This is a real intrigue! Why would a candidate know who is writing to them and why? It will be even better if you don't include your name. It's too much. The candidate doesn't need to know how they can address to you.

2. Engage a specialist in empty talk

Use words like "interesting", "professional", "famous", "unique" as often as possible in your job description, without providing specific details. This will surely intrigue the candidate, and they will definitely want to pass an interview to reveal the secrets of your company.
Don't write the terms and conditions of the opening. After all, it's not important for the candidate to know what awaits him at the new place.

3. Write an invalid candidate name

This works especially well if you want a specialist to ignore your email but also make an unforgettable impression on the candidate.

Ideally, if you write not only the wrong candidate's name but also write their name in transliteration. This action will strike a chord with a candidate and they will definitely block mailing from you with even greater zeal.

4. Put more links in your email

Gmail (and some other email services) is configured to treat emails containing links as junk. Therefore, it's likely that your email will automatically be sent to spam. The candidate will not only ignore your email but won't see it at all.

5. Make a catchy design

Diversity is the key to success. Why write boring texts with rare highlighting of words when you can build a whole creative composition?
Highlight words in italics, use Caps Look, diverse the colour scheme, add more exclamation marks at the end of sentences. Voila: the candidate will get sick from what they'll see, and they will be glad to add your email to the blacklist.

6. Post your job opening in irrelevant chats

You will certainly leave a pleasant impression if you post a vacancy for a JavaScript developer in a chat with Java specialists. Perhaps you'll become the face of local memes.

A great way to boost your company HR brand and make it famous throughout the IT community!

7. Use a bulk email service

Why complicate a task by composing selective emails in accordance with the needs of the candidates? Use special mailout: it's fast, easy and in just one minute you can send over a hundred e-mails.

It's okay if a Senior C ++ developer receives an email for a junior UI designer position because you never know what the candidates secretly dream about :)

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Ideally, the bulk email service works with names as well: you can just write: "Hi, developer" and you won't have to think about the name (unless you decide not to follow one of our dud advice).

8. Copy the opening description from the job site and just paste it into the body of the email

Creating different texts for one opening is extra work. You can simply copy the text and distribute it through all channels.

You don't think about selective emails, don't saddle yourself with the work looking through the specialists' CVs, and candidates don't reply to your email. Keep it up!

9. Add more emoji

This tip works especially well with tip # 5 (Make a catchy design). By adding more emoticons to your email, you'll show your disposition to the interlocutor, friendly attitude and originality. The candidate will definitely appreciate this approach, but most likely won't answer the email.

10. Write informal emails

Starting an email with phrases like "Hi" or "Hey", being on first-name terms with a candidate and joking too much is the key to success (if you don't want to receive a reply to the email, of course).

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Don't forget to write informal emails on Telegram as well. It's a messenger! Why all this official narrative, if you can just write: "Hey, Buddy, we have a cool opening, do you want to take a look?"
We assure you, following these tips (better, all at once) you will definitely receive 0 responses to your emails.

But just in case, we'll give you one useful advice: if you want to do your job well and be highly appreciated in the IT community, do exactly the opposite and don't take our dud advice seriously :)

If you have can't fill a job opening for a long time, candidates don't reply to your emails, and your employees feel sorrow for a new colleague - contact Lucky Hunter. We will solve your problem in a short time!

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