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We at Lucky Hunter have 4 traditional services: tech staff recruiting service, HR analytics, HR outsourcing, and HR training. In fact, we provide one more service which is called Executive Search. Receiving more and more requests for filling exclusive positions, we decided it's time to tell you more about the service.

In the article, we'll tell you what the key difference between Executive Search and the IT staff recruitment service is, explain what its advantages and benefits are.

What is Executive Search?

Executive Search is a search for outstanding, rarest tech talents on the market. Despite the fact that the IT-sphere in 99% of cases is associated with headhunting (hiring specialists away from one company to another), there are often cases when the business isn't just headhunting.

Executive Search is distinguished from the traditional tech staff recruitment by the following aspects:

1. A very limited pool of candidates and companies specialists work at

Providing a traditional tech staff recruitment service, we can count on an extensive funnel of candidates, salary expectations of specialists that fit into the market, more or less universal technology stack the candidate has.
Executive Search is a story about professionals with extraordinary skills, vast, exceptional experience and, of course, salaries that go beyond the market standards.
These conditions significantly narrow the search, making tech candidates unique in the market, and Recruiters who are able to attract such specialists true professionals in their field.

2. Rare or high-level position in the market

In the tech field, an unusual combination of specialist skills, knowledge of an "exotic" programming language, and extraordinary experience make a position rare on the market.

For example, not so long ago we found a Senior C ++ developer for a startup. This position was placed into the Executive Search category due to the fact that the developer also had to know Node. js, which is considered to be a rare skill combination in the IT market.

The position can be rare because of the position itself. For example, a month ago we filled a vacancy for the DevOps Evangelist position. This is a very rare profession in the Russian market, so in this case, we were looking for specialists all over the world. The qualified specialist turned out to be a Portuguese citizen and now he successfully works for our client's company. You can read more about the case here.
Other "Executive" positions that we managed to fill at Lucky Hunter include CTO, VP of Sales, VP of Marketing, Head of Product, VP of ML, Game Producers and Analysts.

3. Unique recruiting methods

To hit the target and find the right candidate, in Executive Search we use not only classical recruiting methods, but also:
  • always conduct the market research based on the position we need to fill (in some cases make a list of specific names);
  • analyze the companies which such specialists work at;
  • identify the salary ranges such specialists get;
  • search for specialists from all over the world, expanding the boundaries of the market;
  • use non-traditional recruiting channels to find tech talents;
  • use unique techniques to motivate specialists.

4. Search duration

In 90% of cases, when recruiting specialists with a traditional stack, we fill a vacancy within a month or two (depending on the complexity of the task). When searching for rare, unique specialists on the market, the selection process can take more time.

The reason lies in the specific preparation for the search, a limited circle of specialists suitable for the profile, work with additional recruiting channels and markets.

5. Expertise

Executive Search is a service that only top-class specialists can provide. Having successfully provided Executive Search service for over three years, we at Lucky Hunter have proven our exceptional expertise and deep knowledge of the global IT market.

Only professional IT Recruiters of the company work on filling vacancies where the Executive Search method is required.

6. Service cost

Due to the specifics and complexity of the service, the cost of filling a vacancy is higher and is at least 20% of the employee's annual income. Depending on the profile and position's uniqueness, the cost of the service can reach 30%.

Usually, Executive Search is also distinguished by an agile approach to hiring, headhunting in 100% of cases, confidentiality. We at Lucky Hunter have decided not to highlight these conditions into separate points, since in the IT field these factors are inherent in traditional tech recruiting.

Benefits of Executive Search

The selection of IT specialists using the Executive Search method has plenty of advantages:
  • 1
    always conduct the market research based on the position we need to fill (in some cases make a list of specific names);
  • 2
    Ability to find the right specialist for a position that you couldn't fill using traditional methods;
  • 3
    When cooperating with Lucky Hunter - guaranteed hiring of a specialist.

When to use Executive Search?

Executive Search is a rather rare service, and despite the fact that any search for an IT specialist is unique and complex, not every position is placed into the Executive Search category.

The most common metrics for determining the "Executive" position are:
  • A rare position on the market;
  • A position held by the top management of the company, such as C-suite or VP;
  • A position that involves a specific combination of candidate skills.
These criteria will help determine if your vacancy falls into the Executive Search category. But nevertheless, the best solution is contacting Lucky Hunter: we'll give you recommendations on your position, help with the profile of your candidate and, of course, will find the ideal specialist for you!

Polina Barabanova
Content Manager at Lucky Hunter
Specializes in tech staff recruitment, startups, tech research, career, HR, and news topics. With her expertise, she provides valuable insights and practical advice to navigate the ever-evolving tech industry.

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