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For several years of work, the Lucky Hunter team's managed to see a lot: specialists moving to far off countries, difficult negotiations, refusals to accept an offer at the very last moment along with unexpected offer acceptance. When working with people, we may encounter the most unpredictable situations.

Today we won't dig into the complexities and features of our work: we'll talk about the funniest moments in our profession: we offer you to have a little rest and join in the laugh :)

Kitchen story

Have you ever cheated on Maths lessons? Remember how it was? Nervous taking a piece of paper from your bag, a quick look at the teacher, an awkward hand movement under the desk, a quiet, almost silent unwrapping of the heaven-sent cheat sheet, another quick look at the class and....go!

But what's if you've already grown up and you need to not just cheat in the classroom where there are 30 other pupils, but solve the test assignment during a Skype interview with the employer? A naughty flunker seemed to go snap within you, and you decide to cheat.

Before the interview, you ask your wife (thank god she also works as an IT specialist) to "guard" over in the kitchen to solve your tasks. All that is needed is to pretend to be sick several times, and it's as good as done.

Everything is going well: you get the task, understand that you don't know a thing about these weird codes and algorithms, pretend that you are about to be turned inside out and run out of the room straight into the kitchen to your wife. The wife solves your tasks, you suddenly feel better, come back and solve all the tasks correctly. You carry out your plan two-three times in a row. But the trouble is that adult life occurred to be not so easy, the employer knows chalk from cheese, and your story ranks first on the Lucky Hunter blog :)

Well, we don't recommend you to cheat at interviews, you'll still be caught :)

Decemberist in recruiting

Have you ever asked a friend or girlfriend to bear you company to an exciting event? Perhaps you had to make an important speech or participate in a sporting competition. A moral support is a great solution for those who are worried and want everything to go perfectly.ё

But now imagine a different situation: you are about to occupy an important position in the company. In your management may be more than a dozen people. All that is needed is to pass an interview with the company's head. You are worried, and this is normal: a fateful interview is awaiting you.

You relieve your wild youth when you could easily take a friend with you to any important event and make a seemingly brilliant decision: "I'll take my wife with me! This will settle the nerves better than valerian and give confidence in my abilities. The main thing is to ask my wife to tie my best striped tie to my wife, and everything is in the bag."

And here you are, a rugged "old guy", with a beard, in an expensive suit with a striped tie, put your wife together and launch Skype.

What happens next? You slowly see how the eyes of your potential boss increase in size and begin to understand that you obviously shouldn't have taken your wife with you.

You didn't get a job, but your nerves were in order :)

Just a strange story

And now let's try to be in the shoes of a very strange person who, in contrast to other characters of our stories, ploughs a lonely furrow.

Imagine: you are a very confident person, who holds ground and always achieves goals. One very ordinary morning, a recruiter calls you and offers to pass an interview in one very good company.

You grant with one qualification: you want to pass the interview at exactly 6 a.m. Why? You don't know. You just want it. It doesn't matter to you that at this time 80% of people are fighting for the good name of Princess Leia or just running away from malicious cacti. Despite the entreaties of disgruntled recruiters, you are sure: this is the perfect time for an interview.

The day X comes. Sleepy recruiters opened their laptops, launched Skype and started waiting. They wait for about an hour because you haven't come. Why? You don't know. You've just decided that this job isn't for you, but you've forgotten to tell the recruiters beforehand. They start to call you. But why pick up the phone? This is also not for you. Nevertheless, after several dozen calls, you answer. To fair questions about what's happened, you say that they dialled the wrong number, and you are not you. Your have a completely different name, and you don't understand what the recruiter is talking about. Why? You still don't know. After a while, you begin to behave more logically, but it's a different ball game.

Let's take a break from transformations into nervous and strange people and just listen to a story called "Ask for more."

Ask for more!

This story with a full-throated laugh told us a customer who conducted an interview with one of our candidates.

The interview went perfectly until at one moment the customer heard a distinct whisper behind the scenes. A voice was repeating to the candidate: "ask for more, this is not enough, demand more." It turned out that the wife of our specialist was beside and insistently recommended her husband to ask for higher remuneration.

The candidate didn't receive the pay boost as well as the job itself, but we'll remember the case for a long time :)

Because of the story we understood two things:
  • 1
    Our friends and family will always exert influence on us;
  • 2
    Candidates and their wives are a topic for perhaps a separate longread :)


This is not a specific story. Okay - this is the most popular answer of candidates to the question of recruiters: "How was your interview?"

Every time we are genuinely moved, getting such a feedback:

Hello, how do you feelabout the interview?

— Okay

Hello, what do you think about the company? Did you like the conditions?

— Okay

Hello, what do you think of the CTO positionin Microsoft? How was your first interview with theAmericans?

— Okay
Dear candidates, we aren't trying to offend you, but we would be very pleased to receive slightly more detailed answers to our questions because this is the only way we can help you find your dream job :)

There were many other funny cases in our work: the request to pass an interview in a ball gown, the refusal to consider the candidate due to a too steely glance or long nails, and candidates who couldn't decide what was their real name. But about this, perhaps next time :)

We not only know how to share funny stories but also fill even the most complexjob positions. We think it's time to check it up: contact Lucky Hunter, and we'll solve even the most daunting task in a short time!

Polina Barabanova
Content Manager at Lucky Hunter
Specializes in tech staff recruitment, startups, tech research, career, HR, and news topics. With her expertise, she provides valuable insights and practical advice to navigate the ever-evolving tech industry.

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