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Let's get acquainted! You didn't expect this, right? In fact, this is not for nothing: we thought it would be great to collect more information about us in a single article, tell us how we differ from others, what principles we adhere to in our work, and what we focus on — in general, all those things that people usually tell about themselves when they get to know each other better.

Therefore, today you will have a unique opportunity to look behind the scenes of our technical recruitment agency and figure out how to act if you need recruitment in the IT field.

Lucky Hunter Tech Recruitment Agency: who we are

First of all, the experts in our field. These are not just words: we believe that it is important to provide any service at the highest possible level, especially such a complex, demanding and specific as IT recruiting. Therefore, we adhere several principles that have been with us since the very first day of our agency and remain to this day:
  • High expertise
    Our recruiters constantly monitor the situation on the IT market, keep abreast of the latest trends and trends in the IT marketing market. In addition, we regularly communicate not only with IT companies, but also with candidates: this makes it possible to understand what is happening on both sides now.
  • The principle of partnership
    When talking about recruiting, we often mention the principle of partnership. These are not empty words: IT recruiting is based on constant communication with other people — employers, candidates, colleagues, and many others. Like any other process based on interaction with each other, unexpected circumstances and moments may arise in recruiting that need to be openly discussed and jointly sought for a solution. Therefore, the ability to listen to each other, show flexibility and respect is one of the most important success factors.

    For this reason, at the first online meeting with a potential client, we always try to get to know him better in order to find out how close we are in spirit and how productive our cooperation will be. This approach fully justifies itself: by cooperating with companies close to us in spirit, we fill 100% of the vacancies that we take to work.
If you don't believe in the power of the partnership principle yet, be sure to read our cases: we talk about it quite a lot there. For example, the principle of partnership played a vital role in the search for two senior .NET developers and when selecting a senior Java developer.
  • Speed
    The prompt filling of job openings and the timely receipt of new talents into the team directly affects many business processes of companies. Therefore, we always try to fill the positions as quickly as possible: as a rule, the deadline for filling a vacancy by our recruiters is about two weeks.

    It stands to reason, a lot depends on the specifics of a particular position — for example, the selection of a top manager or specialist with a non-standard stack of technologies may take a little longer, since it has its own specifics.
  • Individual approach
    It is impossible to provide a high-quality service if you constantly act according to a single template. Each client is unique and his case is also unique: at meetings at the beginning of acquaintance, we not only discuss job openings in great detail, but also clarify key information about the company in order to better orient how to develop a strategy for finding and motivating candidates in each case.

Tech recruitment: services

We work with any profiles, even the rarest on the market. If you need a search for developers and recruitment in the IT field for full or part-time employment, you know what to do :)
As a rule, these are specialists with an outstanding professional background, who are not always easy to find: usually they say about such candidates that many people have heard about, but almost no one has seen them :) We make sure that you not only see such a specialist, but also get him into the team.
If your business needs to get an answer to any question related to the IT market, this service is your choice. We will review salaries and compensation, calculate the market capacity in certain regions, perform marketing research or provide a historical cross-section of the necessary data. Each study is developed for a specific request, and the results are provided visually in the form of a presentation with infographics.
Helping you decide on relocation packages, choose the right country to open a new office, understand how you can relocate your employees

Now a little less serious

“Tell me who your friend is, and I'll tell you who you are.” Let's paraphrase a little: tell me what kind of music you listen to, and I'll understand what kind of person you are. Recently we thought it would be interesting to get to know colleagues from the other side and asked each team member to share the song they listen to most often now. The playlist turned out to be diversed, unexpected and bright — that's why we are happy to share it with you! In addition, you can read a separate article dedicated to this, in which we have collected quotes from all employees about their attitude to the songs they have chosen.

We also regularly issue monthly heralds in which we openly and transparently tell how things are at the agency: for example, here you can read the issue for September, and at the end of the month we will publish the October herald! Why do we share all the news in this format? We adhere to the principles of openness and transparency: it is important to us that current and potential customers have a realistic picture of what is happening in our agency in a given period. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to get to know us a little from the other side and a little more informally — we think it's great :)

By the way, we also like to do different tests and puzzles. If you haven't seen them yet, it's time to go through a couple!

By the way, acquaintance, like any other process based on interaction with people, should be two-way — therefore, if you have been planning to order a search for developers or the selection of IT personnel from us for a long time, just fill out the form below: we will promptly contact you and schedule an acquaintance call, where we will talk closer, clarify the details of the vacancy and find out how comfortable working together will be for the both sides.

Do you need recruitment in the IT field? Leave a request and we will contact you to discuss the details!

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