Lucky Hunter Journal: Spring 2022

We at Lucky Hunter regularly write newsletters, tell you about what's going on at our company, share our plans for the near future, present our new clients and share photos from our corporate events.

Unfortunately, this blog post will be about something else: we'll tell you how we are restructuring our work processes due to yet another horrendous circumstances.

What's changed?

Three weeks ago our life went its course. We were actively working on opening an office in London, signed contracts with international clients, waited for the offer acceptance by candidates and planned a spring corporate party in honour of International Women's Day.

On February 24, our life changed radically. We decided not to celebrate the corporate party, because we felt that it would be completely inappropriate, some of the contacts we eventually didn't sign, since the hiring policy of foreign companies has changed a bit.
In addition, some foreign companies have put the hiring of Russian-speaking developers on hold, having already withdrawn several job offers.
Such a serious change in cooperation was bound to make us feel sad but, understanding and accepting the new reality, we decided to act, and act promptly.

What are we doing?

In February, our wonderful and quick on the trigger boss Tanya, went to Armenia in order to urgently open a legal entity, rent an office and subsequently relocate the team somewhere outside Russia.

We officially no longer work in Russia, having closed our office in St. Petersburg. We didn't want this. We have always loved our homeland and didn't plan such changes.
However, drastic times call for drastic measures, and since we want nothing to do with those who subvert the global order, we have decided to give up on everything we had for the sake of the future. As we hope, stable and promising.

What is going on within the team?

The Lucky Hunter team is gradually leaving Russia, having chosen work from Turkey, Armenia and Georgia. At the moment, not the entire team has left Russia, but we are sure that all Lucky Hunter member will be able to move to safer regions as soon as possible.

What's going on at work?

Fortunately, we are glad to tell you that we continue to do our job. Despite the fact that some clients have stopped cooperation, we continue to find new ones, successfully fill vacancies and even launch unique joint projects with some companies.

So, for example, together with one international company, we began to organize the relocation of specialists from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus to England. Every suitable specialist will now have the opportunity to urgently move to a more peaceful and stable place.
Participation in such projects is more important than ever for us now - so we feel that we can help people, continue to do our work, without losing the opportunity to lead a decent, stable life.
P.S. Therefore, if you have any collaboration offers, we will be glad to discuss ideas with you. Let's come up with plans to save the world together!

What are our plans for the future?

Of course, it's very difficult to predict something nowadays. Nevertheless, first of all, we plan to completely transfer our business to foreign markets, relocate the entire team and begin full-fledged marketing work on our positioning restructure.

We sincerely regret that we have to make such decisions, but, alas, circumstances leave no choice. We believe and hope that international tension will be reduced as soon as possible, and this scary time, in which millions of people live now, will be forgotten as a bad dream.

If we can help you, please contact us. We will do our best to assist you. This also applies to specialists: if you are looking for a job abroad, or experience hardship, send your CV to We will try to help you. But we are forced to clarify that this applies only to employees working in the IT sphere, since we specialize only in this area.

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