Is it true that recruiting agencies show pricier specialists to earn more?

(No, it's wrong but still interesting to read)
IT recruiting takes a lot of time and effort, therefore, more and more companies prefer to outsource this headache to specialized recruiting agencies. In this way, companies save on the maintenance of their own HR department (and if it does exist, then significantly increase its effectiveness), as well as a lot of time (not every day but every month counts if you want to recruit a developer who knows a rare programming language.
It's the best-case scenario for any digital company. It is logical that you'll have to pay for such a pleasure. The cost of recruiting a particular specialist will depend on his annual salary.
That's why some companies begin to put the blame on agencies by saying that they deliberately select a specialist higher in cost to make more money from the client. That's what we'd like to talk about today. What's the Lucky Hunter agency really guided by while selecting tech staff for companies?

How much does an IT-recruiting agency
services cost?

IT recruiting is a very time-consuming process that requires of our team of professionals to have a deep understanding of the IT-sphere specifics, its leading trends, as well as efforts to establish networking and develop our own candidate base.

In a word, all that allows us to hunt specialists from other companies and fill any, even the most "rare" position, faster than in a week. Therefore, it's logical that the service will be worth its money.
Taking a percentage of the specialist's average annual salary is a worldwide practice. This percentage varies from 15 to 20%, is based on the complexity of the job opening and can reach 30% for especially rare positions.
Some agencies take advanced payment for their services. At Lucky Hunter, we are working on the principle of full post-payment and receive our reward only after a selected and approved by the company specialist starts working in-house.

Such simple arithmetic has caused the fact that recruiting agencies are blamed in ... greed. Some of our clients have admitted that they thought the agencies would intentionally show them expensive specialists in order to get more profit. At first glance, this seems logical, and maybe other agencies act that way. But at Lucky Hunter, we have completely different values and goals. And even though you've spared a thought for us in this way, we don't take offence, because ...

...The principle of partnership is our everything

We are focused on long-term cooperation, which means that it's most important for us to help the company achieve its goal by searching for a candidate who will meet the customer's expectations as much as possible. We guarantee a single-time replacement of candidate within the probation period (3 months).

Therefore, it makes no sense to show you an IT specialist with great financial ambitions because we know in advance that this isn't going to end in anything good.
To lose face, time and a client for financial gains is an inadmissible luxury for the Lucky Hunter agency.
A long mutually beneficial partnership is the main principle of our work, and, in our opinion, this is the only true success pattern in the IT recruiting industry. We are working in an effort to find the perfect candidate who'd beautifully enter your company as a missing puzzle.

We like long-term relationships in which we learn from each other, know each other and do everything possible to ensure that each new job opening from your company will be filled sooner than the previous one.

Polina Barabanova
Content Manager at Lucky Hunter
Specializes in tech staff recruitment, startups, tech research, career, HR, and news topics. With her expertise, she provides valuable insights and practical advice to navigate the ever-evolving tech industry.

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