Hard Work Pandemic: What's Happening at Lucky Hunter in the Face of a New Reality?

Since before all this story with coronavirus, pandemic and global quarantine began, we'd been preparing a lot of cool articles for you. We'll say more: even after we'd been isolated, we believed that our educational articles on IT recruiting could weaken the information noise and bring variety to your feed.

But our plans have changed: the quarantine has been extended, many people are out of their jobs, but the worst thing is that we don't know when it will all end. Therefore, we've decided to talk about how things are going at Lucky Hunter: perhaps our story will help you survive these hard times.
This event is especially momentous if we are talking about the tech sphere. Due to the fact that the demand for IT specialists is only increasing, candidates receive a large number of job offers, and, therefore, the chance that the candidate will accept exactly your offer is not so fighting.

What's going at Lucky Hunter

Let's face it: there are no global changes in our work, but still, there are several aspects that we'd like to draw your attention to:


Under the conditions of a new reality, some IT companies are growing rapidly and actively expanding their teams. For example, we started working with a Skolkovo resident - the company "Agroplem". The project evaluates the quality of raw milk for farms. The laboratory is going to become a revolutionary project in the field of agricultural infrastructure development.

In addition, focusing on the western market, we began to cooperate with some foreign companies. For example, we started working with the Canadian-American project, which's called "Lifetime Fluency". The company creates solutions for people with problematic speech.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that the IT sphere is immune to changes in global economics, some IT companies still suffer if their business is affected. Therefore, we stopped searching for tech talents for some of our clients.
We are very sorry about this fact, but we believe that very soon we'll resume our cooperation, continue to find cool specialists for our customers and help them in developing significant for the whole world products.

Remote work

Wait! Don't leave the page simply because you saw the hoary phrase "remote work". We won't tell you obvious things, such as how we organize Zoom meetings or send memes with cats in our chat (we did this in the office, too.Tanya, don't read).

In this section, we'd rather like to say two things:
  • Yes, we are working remotely, but as efficiently as before (or maybe even more). That''s great that modern technology allows us to work even if we have to stay at home.
  • We miss each other very much and hope that we'll be able to return to our cosy office soon, but for now, we are satisfied that we see our families and pets a little more often.

Team spirit

Do you think it's impossible to maintain team spirit while working remotely? Well, you are mistaken :) Recently, our boss and Muse Tanya has made us a pleasant and unexpected surprise: we received beautiful potted plants right to our home. It wasn't a simple courier delivery: the plants were brought by our wonderful Julia (Head's personal assistant) and she was wearing a dinosaur costume.

The decision to deliver plants in a dinosaur costume wasn't accidental: Julia brought plants in accordance with all the quarantine rules, without harming her own health and the health of others.

A lot of pleasant emotions, positive mood and belief that we are a close-knit and friendly team - something that is dramatically needed when we work separately.
Tanya, thank you for this wonderful and original present. it's difficult to express in words how grateful we are to you for your care and support even at such times.
P.S. Not only Tanya can surprise her team: the team also likes to make surprises :)


Do you know that today is an important holiday at Lucky Hunter? Today is the birthday of our dear leader. Let's admit: we were thinking a lot, whether to add this section to the article or not because our hardworking boss carefully checks each written word. Tanya wants you to read only mega-cool articles.

Breaking all the rules and "illegally" congratulating you, Tanya, on the blog pages :)
  • In just two and a half years you've created a strong and friendly team that is ready to go with you through hell and high water.
  • Thanks to diligence, hard work and passion for your work, you were able to achieve impossible results: opened your own office, found the major clients in the IT industry, took the quality of recruitment services to a completely different level, created an atmosphere in the team that we don't want to exchange for any another in this universe.
We really appreciate you for your kindness, support and understanding. We love you very much. You are a great leader, person and friend. Happy birthday!

To sum up

Even in remote working conditions, we know that we are one team, receive gifts straight to our home and wish each other a happy birthday.

We believe that we can overcome the crisis and provide services even better than before. To do this, let's help each other and act together because we are all one big team. And if you really need a new employee in your team who knows JS, PHP or any other programming language - contact Lucky Hunter. We know where the best candidates are hiding, even during the apocalypse.

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