How to get a candidate interested in your job opening

Previously, we have already discussed a lot the fact that in the light of current global events, the IT market is undergoing certain changes, which influence the IT recruitment as well — in particular, if it used to be almost a real challenge to find an IT talent, now the market is becoming an employer's market again, not a candidate's. Competition for some job openings is particularly acute (especially if the vacancy offers relocation), however, there are a number of IT professions (for example, Golang developers), the demand for which is consistently high, but it is very difficult to find a suitable candidate.

How to interest a candidate and do tech recruitment as quickly and efficiently as possible? Find some useful life hacks in our new article.

Top 6 tips on efficient tech staffing

Offer adequate conditions

If you want to have a high demand for your job opening, you should offer relevant conditions and requirements. For example, according to our experience, vacancies offering remote employment, which is very popular on the IT market, attract more candidates than job openings involving only work in the office. If possible, try to find a compromise (for example, you can offer a hybrid employment option) or attract candidates with other conditions — these may be good bonuses or high salary wages.

Make an effective motivation strategy

It is optimal to build it individually, depending on the characteristics of a particular candidate: determine what is important to them in their work, what goals they set for themselves, what factors, in general, are decisive for them in cooperation with the employer. This will help you figure out how to put emphasis during the dialogue: someone will be motivated by challenging tasks to be solved within the position, someone is more focused on the possibility of career development, and for someone the most motivating factor will be the opportunity to gain new experience or work on a useful product.

Optimize your recruitment processes

Make sure that candidates move well through the funnel and there are no problems at any stage — for example, you may lose tech talents during the selection process because of the long wait for feedback and lengthy approval of the next stages. Even those highly motivated candidates who are interested in your job opening are easy to miss if you do not act clearly and promptly.

It may also be more difficult to find IT talent for positions which require a test assignment — in the IT market, candidates often do not treat TK very positively. How can you solve this issue? Think about whether it is important for your vacancy to have a test assignment in general — if not, feel free to optimize the selection stages. This will significantly speed up hiring and make it possible to lead candidates through the funnel more quickly. If the position necessarily requires the completion of a test task, think about the optimal format.

For example, if your company needs to find a developer — consider life coding as an alternative to test assignment. You will be able to test the skills of a potential candidate, without going beyond the time frame of the interview and making a specialist spend their personal time on completing a task.

Think outside of the box

For example, try hiring IT staff for part-time positions. If previously experienced IT talents usually did not react very enthusiastically to the offer of part-time jobs, now the situation has changed a bit. This is a great chance to quickly fill your job opening with an experienced specialist, who previously would have been almost impossible to find for full time employment.

Build productive communication

The candidate is the same full participant in the process as you. Learn to listen and hear them, communicate openly and transparently. Do not forget about adequacy and partnership — this affects the candidate's willingness to conduct further dialogue with you on the job opening.

Contact a technical recruitment agency

If you have any difficulties at any stages, you can contact the IT recruitment agency. Such tech recruitment agency will not only quickly fill a job opening, but will also help identify bottlenecks in the company's current recruitment processes and advise how to optimize them, create a portrait of the desired candidate and plan an effective motivation strategy, as well as hold initial interviews with candidates so that you receive only relevant specialists.

If the IT staff recruitment is required urgently or you need expert advice (for example, it is necessary to conduct a review of salaries and compensation in order to understand the salary wages of specific IT occupations to make a competitive job offer), you can also consider an IT recruitment agency as a possible contractor.
Remember the main point — finding the IT talent of your dream can be difficult, but not impossible :)

We love to help dreams come true, so if you are looking for IT personnel, contact us! Our tech recruiters will help you hire even an Apollo on the IT market.

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