How to make a job offer that will get accepted?

The moment when a candidate who fits perfectly into your team, accepts a job offer and successfully starts working for your company is perhaps one of the most blessed events in recruiting.

This event is especially momentous if we are talking about the tech sphere. Due to the fact that the demand for IT specialists is only increasing, candidates receive a large number of job offers, and, therefore, the chance that the candidate will accept exactly your offer is not so fighting.

How to raise the prospect of your offer acceptance? How to communicate with a candidate while you are waiting for the offer signature? Why doesn't an accepted offer mean success? We answer the questions in our new article.

How to present an offer?

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    First of all, make a good job offer. For example, the offer should not contain vague wording. Remember that in most cases the candidate has several offers at once, so they'll most likely intercompare them, choosing the most and profitable one.
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    Secondly, don't include in the offer conditions that you haven't discussed with the candidate in advance. It's better to discuss all the nuances before making the offer, otherwise, you risk shattering the candidate's confidence and not hiring the long-awaited specialist.
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    Thirdly, condition the candidate to believe that you are going to offer him or her a job in the company. This will help work over all the candidate's objections and doubts in advance, as well as check how the candidate is motivated to work for your company.
After you have built a good, accurate offer, checked that you've included only those points that the specialist is aware of, and also made sure that the candidate is considering an idea of working in your team, make the offer.

How to increase the chances of the offer acceptance?

It's a mistake to believe that after you've sent an offer, all you need is to wait for the candidate's decision. To keep the specialist interested in your position, we recommend keeping in touch with the talent, handling objections, thus showing the seriousness of your intentions and the desire to work with this particular candidate.

After the client sends the offer, we at Lucky Hunter keep in touch with the candidate, promptly answer all questions, and if there are any doubts, we try to work them over so that the candidate doesn't lose motivation.
If you did everything accurately, and your offer turned out to be the most attractive for the candidate, and they eventually accepted your offer - congratulations! You may soon be able to successfully fill the vacancy.
Nevertheless, we don't recommend marking down a vacancy in your CRM system as filled, because in the IT-sphere, accepting an offer doesn't mean that the candidate will actually start working for your company. On the contrary, the post-offer phase is one of the most stressful and unpredictable stages in recruiting.

Offer acceptance: what's next?

After the candidate accepts your offer, the most stressful stage begins. We are talking about waiting. In order to announce the decision, the candidate organizes negotiations with their employer, and their outcome will be unknown till the last.

There is a high risk that the candidate accepts a counteroffer from the employer (which happens in 90% of cases nowadays, due to the lack of specialists in the market), and real competition for your candidate may begin with their current employer.

It's also possible that the candidate initially decided to change jobs in order to amend conditions at the current place of work. It hurts, but unfortunately, it is not always possible to predict and find out the true goals of the candidate.
If it happens that the candidate ultimately rejects your offer, don't be discouraged, especially if you work with us :)
The large pool of candidates and the ability to competently motivate specialists allow us to quickly find candidates who finally will accept your offer and successfully start working in your team.
Leave a request for an IT professional selection, and we will find an excellent specialist for you!

In the meantime, presenting a short checklist:

  • If you've found a relevant candidate, make an offer quickly, without thinking about whether this is exactly the very same candidate or not.
  • At the same time, test the waters in advance, prepare the candidate for the fact that you want to make them a job offer. So you can dispel doubts and accurately determine the specialist's motivation.
  • Include only specific conditions in the offer, and only those that you have discussed with a specialist in advance.
  • After receiving a signed offer, do not rush to fill the vacancy: wait until the candidate negotiates with the current employer and will definitely work at your company.
An offer is a thrilling and exciting moment in IT recruiting, and it is very important to approach this stage with full attention and seriousness, increasing your chances for successful completion of the recruiting process.

Polina Barabanova
Content Manager at Lucky Hunter
Specializes in tech staff recruitment, startups, tech research, career, HR, and news topics. With her expertise, she provides valuable insights and practical advice to navigate the ever-evolving tech industry.

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