The TOP-5 In-demand Tech Professions of 2021

The 2020 year has brought many changes to the tech industry. This is a change in the priorities of tech specialists, and the popularization of remote work, and the active digitalization of our world. The changes have also affected the labour market.

Which tech professions will be on high demand in 2021? What's in store for IT professionals? Which professions will be trendy to master? In this article, we''ll talk about the 5 most in-demand tech jobs of 2021.

5. Cybersecurity Engineer

According to Careerkarma, in 2021 the demand for Information Security Engineers will grow by 31%, and the average global salary will reach almost $ 100,000 per year.

It's not surprising that such specialists will be in high demand in the new year: with the popularization of online-processes, as well as the increase in the number of remote employees, the risk of online fraud and theft of valuable company data has also significantly increased.

This encourages a large number of IT companies not only to hire Cybersecurity Specialists but also to open entire departments dealing with information security.

4. Go Developers

According to the international rating PYPL, (the rating calculates the number of requests by programming languages in Google, integrating data from Google Trends) Go is actively gaining momentum, becoming an increasingly popular technology in the world.

We judge the demand for Golang developers not only by the PYPL rating, but we've also studied the TIOBE index. The TIOBE index shows the number of web pages in the world that are dedicated to a particular programming language. According to the index, the growth of pages, connected to Go language, has increased by 1.3% over the previous year.
In addition, according to the Lucky Hunter statistics, the request for Go developers remains at a consistently high level, and the trend won't change this year.

3. AI Engineer (Machine-learning Engineer)

Machine learning specialists are always in trend :) However, in 2021, AI Engineers will become even more in-demand in the market. This is due to the rapid digitalization of our world (thanks to the pandemic). The need to simplify online life and boost work processes has made the profession of Machine-learning Engineer in-demand like never before.
For example, according to the Careerkarma rating, Artificial Intelligence Engineers are ranked first with the expected growth in demand by 344%! The average salary of such specialists is $ 146,085.

2. Mobile App Developers

In the previous article on the in-demand IT specialities, we also included Mobile App Developers, but not all of them. Only Android Developers were included in the list. Today, the gap in demand for iOS and Android developers is not so noticeable nowadays.

The increase in demand for Mobile App Developers is happening because, in a world where all the processes are switching to online, mobile applications for many companies serve as a new, potentially promising sales channel.
Almost every modern business (especially when this refers to the B2C sector) feels the need to create a mobile application. It doesn't matter what the company does. Selling via mobile apps is appropriate even for a small business like a pet store or flower shop.

1. Timeless classics

Along with the growth of some IT professions, "traditional" tech specialists are also in high demand. These are Python, C ++, Java developers. Still, it should be noted that, according to the latest TIOBE data (data is updated monthly), Java slightly lost to the C language in the last study, taking the second place.

Python and C ++ are ranked 3 and 4, respectively.

Other IT specialities

The professions that we talked about in the article are certainly not the only specialities that will be in demand in 2021. There is also an increase in the demand for DevOps Engineers, as well as always trendy professions, such as Product/Project Managers, QA, Analysts (especially Big Data), UX/UI Designers.

Remember that the IT market is changing rapidly. In order to efficiently find the best IT specialists, we highly recommend following the market trends :) And, of course, contact Lucky Hunter for help: regardless of the demand for a specialist and the complexity of the job opening, we'll definitely help you with vacancy filling! We'll provide you with the first candidates within 4 days!

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