Instagram Sketches From Lucky Hunter

We at Lucky Hunter are pretty unstoppable. A few weeks ago we made masks on Instagram, but decided that it wasn't enough: we continue to follow trends, work and create together: we've made a set of illustrations reflecting the internal state of a Recruiter.

What kind of Recruiter are you? Read the article, choose the most suitable sketch, share your solution on social networks and, of course, tag your colleagues.


Recruiting is a very unpredictable profession. One day goes in a calm atmosphere, the other is full of stress and work "fire".

Working in such a complicated, full of unexpected turns world of recruiting, we believe that we deserve the right to have our own sketches because even wine has such a set!

To correct this blatant injustice and give Recruiters from all over the world the opportunity to share their internal state, we've created such an interactive, and at the same time, useful set of sketches.

The Essence

Telling you what each illustration means personally for us. Perhaps you'll find other interpretations, we'll be glad :)
  • Shakira
    The state when you are just happy, and you want to dance heartily!
  • International Bitch
    A Recruiter who coins money, rolls in cash, rakes in the money. Well, guess, you've caught the idea :)
  • Enlightened
    A recruiter who has learned the point of life. They've reached Nirvana, letting secular concerns go.
  • Rainbow Pony
    Do you remember the sweet feeling of an accepted offer? There it is, the very same state.
  • Shaman
    If you exhausted every possible solution to find a candidate and went to the extremities - started using a shaman's drum, this is your state.
  • Desperate
    A Recruiter who is desperately searching for the candidates. They blunder, sometimes don't believe they ever find the ideal one. But they definitely find the best specialists!
  • Reached the bottom
    A state similar to the state in which you find Zen, but from a slightly different angle :)
  • Sherlock
    The Recruiter's internal state on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

"What kind of Recruiter are you?" The Answers of Lucky Hunter team

Maria - Junior IT Recruiter

My state is A Recruiter who's hit the bottom. Hang on, developers, I've nothing to lose!

Daria - Lead IT Recruiter

I'm a Recruiter who is "searching-searching" and then reaches either bottom, or finds Zen, or wins worldwide fame.

P.S. The New Year is coming soon, and we, of course, are all on fire and active search, so my illustration is "a Recruiter who is "searching-searching". And I'll definitely find the best candidate!:)

Tanya - the Lucky Hunter Head

Our goal is to conquer the world of IT recruiting. With this mission in mind, I am constantly moving around the world, choosing the best locations for new offices. Therefore, my permanent state is International Recruiter, and Bitch is the permanent state of all of us :)

Alina - IT Recruiter

I'm a Recruiter who "is searching-searching and then searching-searching", because: well, okay, any other options?

Maria - IT Recruiter

During just one working day, we can experience all hypostases. But the main thing is to learn how to be a Recruiter who's found Zen, because every day in our work there are so many unpredictable things. In such conditions, it's absolutely forbidden to lose your mind :)

Lera- IT Recruiter

I like all the illustrations. Each of them fits in with a specific mood or day of the week. Often on Mondays, I'm a Recruiter who "is searching-searching and then searching-searching". In the middle of the week, I reach stage A "Shaman" Recruiter and attract candidates with a shaman's drum. Every Friday I am a Recruiter who's "hit the bottom". Still, the life of a Recruiter is difficult and at the same time interesting!

P.S. It's mid-week now, so I'm a "Shaman" Recruiter today! :)

Maria - IT recruiter

This illustration reflects my internal state because the human factor prevails in our work, and sometimes we have to seek especially hard for patience and understanding.
The illustrations were designed for us by wonderful Olya. We sincerely recommend this cool master!

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