‘At Lucky Hunter, there's an atmosphere of mutual understanding and support. We're not just cogs in a machine. We are part of something bigger that unites us’

Lucky Hunter is not just an IT recruitment agency; it's a company where individuals choose to stay and work for years. We take pride in our employees who have grown alongside Lucky Hunter. That's why we've decided to launch a series of interviews to highlight their stories, career journeys, and the obstacles they've overcome.

Today, we are delighted to introduce Polina Barabanova, Head of PR and Marketing, who has been an integral part of Lucky Hunter for nearly five years.
  • Polina Barabanova
    Head of PR at Lucky Hunter

— Polina, hello! Are you ready to start?

— Hi! Sure, let's have a chat.

— Can you tell me a bit about yourself? What's your role at Lucky Hunter, and how long have you been working there? What initially drew you to the company?

— I am the Head of PR at Lucky Hunter. I lead a team that includes a content manager, designer, SMM specialist, and recently, we brought on a junior PR manager. We aim to establish ourselves as a highly reputable company in the market. We want to be known, recognised and remembered by those seeking our expertise.
At that time, I had just graduated from university, and my main goal was to work remotely
I joined Lucky Hunter in December 2018 as a copywriter. I still vividly remember how I came across the job opening. At that time, I had just graduated from university, and my main goal was to work remotely: the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world without wasting time commuting to an office really appealed to me. Like any junior professional, it was challenging for me to find a job without prior experience. However, I took online courses, published articles on various platforms, and fully immersed myself in copywriting.
When I applied for the position at Lucky Hunter, I honestly didn't expect to receive a response since it was my hundredth application
When I applied for the position at Lucky Hunter, I honestly didn't expect to receive a response since it was my hundredth application. But to my surprise, I did get a reply! I completed a test assignment and was subsequently invited for an interview. I was quite nervous, as it was my first-ever interview, but everything went well, and I was offered the job.

Initially, my primary responsibility was writing one to two articles per week. However, as time passed, I took on additional tasks and responsibilities. I began working on website content, managing social media, editing videos, designing, handling PR matters, and more. As our company rapidly grew, managing everything on my own became overwhelming. After a year, we hired the first assistant, who focused on content-related tasks.

— How did your career unfold? How did you grow professionally?

— In the early stages of my career, I focused on writing various types of texts, ranging from website pages to email newsletters. These texts required different structures, styles, and tones, emphasising sales and attracting clients.

In the beginning, Tanya made it clear that we would have to learn together since there wasn't a mentor. I remember thinking, "What difference does it make?" In fact, it seemed like a fun challenge. However, after three years, I realised that it was a more complex path, but at the same time, it was also more exciting. I'm incredibly grateful to Tanya for her patience. She read, learnt, and grew alongside me: all while developing the business. Together, we navigated a challenging yet rewarding journey.

— What changes have occurred at Lucky Hunter during your time working there?

This shift required the team to adapt to remote work and to learn to collaborate across various time zones
— During my almost 5-year tenure at the company, many changes have taken place, both internally and externally. The company's positioning, website, the markets we operate in, and our approach to work have all undergone transformations. Initially, we had an office in St. Petersburg, but external circumstances influenced our operations. Firstly, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we transitioned to a hybrid work format. Then, in February 2022, we decided to completely close our office. Some team members relocated to different countries, and Tanya moved to London. This shift required the team to adapt to remote work and to learn to collaborate across various time zones.

Our client base has also evolved. Previously, we served a diverse range of companies, including banks and joint-stock corporations. However, we have now narrowed our focus to working with IT companies. Furthermore, we expanded our global presence by establishing four new offices worldwide, signifying a considerable international milestone.

We are continually growing and striving for excellence in all aspects. While we previously relied on learning from our own experiences and mistakes, we now recognise the importance of acquiring knowledge and expertise from more proficient specialists.
The one constant among these changes is our team. We are fortunate to have experts who have been with the company for as long as I have. It is truly remarkable! This means that the company is genuinely worth remaining a part of :)

— Can you share a memorable moment from your career at the company?

— The most memorable moment for me was the first corporate event. Before working at Lucky Hunter, I had never been employed in a serious company. I remember when Tanya stood next to us (back then, our team was still quite small). She raised a flute and expressed her delight that I had joined them, even though I had only been working for a few weeks.
In general, all the corporate events at Lucky Hunter are special
At that time, it was a pleasant surprise for me to see the company organise an event where you could come and enjoy yourself without thinking about work. In general, all the corporate events at Lucky Hunter are special. Tanya always arranges something unique. For example, we went on a weekend trip to a countryside house near St. Petersburg, where we swam, had a BBQ, and simply enjoyed each other's company. We also attended conferences in different cities: it was an extraordinary experience where leisure blended with work – it was fantastic.

— What motivates you at work?

— Doing what I love is an unchanging source of motivation that drives my determination and fuels my passion. My work is more than just a job to me. The flexibility of remote work allows me to start my day at a convenient time, which I truly appreciate.

I always look at the tasks for the next day and plan for what needs to be done. When I see that interesting assignments await me, I feel excited and look forward to the opportunity to engage in activities I enjoy. I am also inspired by seeing the results of my work. For example, I genuinely rejoice when I successfully negotiate with a journalist to have materials published in well-known media outlets, and those articles come out. Seeing the fruits of labour that started as an idea long ago brings me great satisfaction.
I can organise my day in any way, as long as my work is done well
Of course, there are moments when I feel tired or simply don't feel like working. In such cases, I take a break, rest, switch to something else, or go for a short walk. Then I return to my tasks and get back into the work rhythm. However, most of the time, I don't need to take such breaks because I understand I have the freedom of choice. I can organise my day in any way, as long as my work is done well. Thanks to this understanding, burnout or a feeling of exhaustion rarely occurs for me.

— Can you tell me a bit about the company culture?

— Our company has a distinct corporate culture that prioritises individuality. Unlike larger corporations, we don't have strict rules and regulations. We approach people with flexibility and a human touch, taking into account their needs, fatigue, or personal issues. If someone is concerned about something, we listen and support them.

I didn't always take advantage of this, often thinking that work should be completed regardless and that my personal life shouldn't affect it. However, now I've learned to balance things and allow myself to take breaks when I need to relax. Of course, when urgent matters arise, I handle them promptly while maintaining a sense of control.
There's a special atmosphere of mutual understanding within our company. We're not just cogs in a machine. We are part of something bigger that unites us. And that motivates me to work even better.

— What advice would you give to new employees?

— Don't be intimidated. :) We always have a lot of work to tackle. For instance, after a team call, you might realise there is a mountain of web pages and tasks to complete. It can be overwhelming for someone who's not accustomed to our company. However, it's necessary to understand that at Lucky Hunter, no one expects you to overwork. You can always communicate if you're finding things challenging.

Achieving the right balance is essential – effectively managing your workload while prioritising your well-being. Certainly, at our company, every job requires more than just pressing a few buttons and calling it a day. There's always a sense of urgency, always plenty to do. But we work within our capacities, strive to optimise tasks and collaborate as a team to find solutions. Rest assured, it's never dull around here!

— Do you have any professional goals? Could you share them?

— One of my main professional goals is to become more prominent as a PR manager and to have more opportunities for collaboration and partnerships. I want to develop my personal brand and not remain in the shadows.

I also aspire to grow my presence on social media. I want to actively share insights about my profession and life. Hopefully, it will help me become more visible and attract attention from potential colleagues and clients for Lucky Hunter.

— What are your hobbies and interests? What do you do in your free time?

— One of my favourite activities is driving a car. It's not just a means of transportation for me; it's a genuine hobby. As a relatively inexperienced driver, every trip becomes a real challenge and brings an adrenaline rush.

Additionally, I thoroughly enjoy spending time in nature. I love going on trips outside the city, admiring mountains and beautiful landscapes, and having a BBQ.

I try to make time for reading: although lately, it has been challenging to find time. Instead, I listen to music, watch YouTube channels, movies and TV series.

— If you could describe working at the company using the title of a song/movie/TV series, what would it be?

— Perhaps something close-knit and familiar, like 'The Big Bang Theory' or 'Friends,' with a touch of humour and drama, that evokes a warm, family-like feeling.

  • Polina Barabanova

    Head of PR at Lucky Hunter

    Polina is our Head of PR who oversees our brand strategy and is responsible for developing and executing our marketing campaigns. With years of experience in PR and marketing, Polina not only oversees the team but also leads the charge in promoting Lucky Hunter and its services to the world.

  • Александра Годунова

    Content Manager at Lucky Hunter

    Focusing on a diverse range of topics including talent acquisition strategies, employer branding, workplace culture, leadership development, and industry trends. With her extensive knowledge, she delivers engaging content that helps businesses thrive in the competitive landscape of today's job market.

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