"Let's better all come together and understand that now is the time when we need to work like a tiger"

The current economic environment dictates a new business operation mode as well as a new frame of life, at least for the next month. Let's talk about how all this story connected to coronavirus affects business, and try to determine how to behave in order to maintain what we have, and, if possible, even enhance the quality of our lives.

To discuss the questions and answer them, we invited the Lucky Hunter Head - Tatiana Melnichuk. Let's sort it out together :)

— Hi, Tanya! How are you? How's it going?:)

— Hi! Things are quite complicated. The mood is combative!

— What do you think about all this stuff going on around the coronavirus?

— This is a difficult question. I try to refrain from comments on the situation, so as not to boom even more. I don't remember such a big information noise after all the years of my life. I understand that every person has their own view and their own anxieties. Therefore, I consider it necessary to talk only about how this situation affects me.

— In this case, how does this affect you and your business?

— More likely negatively. I recruit tech staff, and all the processes connected to hiring are slowing down: candidates carefully consider new offers, and companies carefully hire new employees. In addition, switching to remote work also slows the processes down. However, I don't think that we can complain, because everything's going rather well, despite the difficulties occurred. I have a team, and my team has work.

Of course, every day circumstances throw new troubles to us, but we cope with them successfully. Talking about myself, everything that happens around worries me a lot: I'm sick at heart when I see how a small business collapses. It's very hard for me to pass through these times.

— What happens to clients? Do they "fall off", or do you work the same way you did before?

— With some clients, we've frozen work. For example, we temporarily stopped searching for employees for a client who is developing a service for buying online tickets. The other our client, a German startup, for which we've been carefully assembling the team for six months, completely reduced it and closed the office in St. Petersburg.

At the same time, there are clients who continue to flourish and continue to cooperate with our agency. For example, a large client from Australia contacted us a few days ago, and just yesterday we signed a contract with the food delivery service "Scooter". In general, I can say that if earlier we were running around as if the hair was on fire and eventually beat the target, now we are working in normal mode.

— What do you plan to do to save your corporate income?

By actively expanding our brand to the Western market, we can minimize our risks
— I plan to work even harder and promote the company on the Western market. Since everything began earlier in Europe and America, it can be expected that most likely in Europe this can end earlier. Therefore, by actively expanding our brand to the Western market, we can minimize our risks. For example, yesterday we signed a contract with guys from Australia. In addition, we'll switch to new formats of work and will work with slightly different clients.

If earlier we were aimed at fast-growing startup companies (while having large IT companies in our portfolio), now I understand that we need to choose large, stable companies. It's a little more difficult to cooperate with them, but working with large companies ensures stability, because they will always hire staff.

— It turns out that now you are heading for working with large companies, and if a startup contacts you, then you'll think twice before starting cooperation?

— No. I'm rather talking about the fact that if earlier we refused to work with very "bureaucratic" companies, since it's better for us to work with startups or large companies that retain the spirit of a startup, now we won't refuse to work with them: we'll try to understand each other and search for approaches to other customers.
We won't stop working with startups. On the contrary, we will definitely help them: give discounts, for example. Support for each other is very important now.

— We know that some spheres have been badly hit because of coronavirus and pandemic. What about startups? Are there any changes in the venture capital market and, more generally, in the IT sphere?

A single sphere can't flourish when people have no money. There must be market relations
— In order for startups to develop and money to be in "online", it must be "offline". If people don't have money, they won't be able to spend it on some things online. This is how the economy works. A single sphere can't flourish when people have no money. There must be market relations. But now people are saving on almost everything.

There are startups that don't despair and, on the contrary, are trying to break through: they wait until "the corpse of their competitor drifts before them" =). I support this tactic. But many startups have suspended their activities because they don't know what will happen next.

— Have any changes taken place in your company work organization?

— Globally no, but in particular, of course, yes. Every day, what we are focusing on is changing, because the situation is developing literally in lightning speed. Some customers come, some customers fall off. What has changed is that we are in a state of emergency. This means that now we'll work like a tiger.

— Do you think there are any ways we can help entrepreneurs survive in this situation?

— We must help each other because we sail all in one ship. For example, we can help small coffee houses by buying coffee. In turn, the coffee houses will order it somewhere else. Thus, the economy will work.
Employees should help business and should understand that this isn't a good time to say to the employer: "goodbye, you force me to work during the nonworking week"
An employee won't find another place of work because their entire industry will "fall". You need to understand that the situation is different now on the market. You need to stand together and you need to help each other. The main help is to continue to use the services.

—What do you think, is it possible for the state to somehow help protect the small business?

Let's better all come together and understand that now is the time when you need to work like never before
— I think that in our country people have long learned a lesson that you should rely only on yourself. Don't wait for any subsidies. It will be great if we get some kind of support, but most likely we won't get it. Business has always lived and survived on its own. It's a fact. Therefore, let's better all come together and understand that now is the time when you need to work like never before. Every client and every order is what is crucial for the business and crucial for the employee. You need to hold on to your good jobs and help everyone cope with a crisis.

— What do you think will happen to our world? How will all this coronavirus story affect him?

— I'm not Vanga and not Pavel Globa to make any predictions. I live today and live weekly iterations. At the moment, I don't have any uphear pictures in my head. I repeat, I don't speak out on these topics and don't discuss them, because there is too much noise. People talk too much, and now it's time to start do something.

Nothing will change from writing posts on Facebook and Instagram. Something will change only if we turn up our sleeves and start working, will be persistent and will bravely face the circumstances that we got snowed under. In addition to unity in work, it is very important to have tolerance and unity towards each other. There are very anxious people, but there are not very. It will be great if we respect the anxiety of other people and don't condemn the lack of anxiety of others. You need to be more tolerant and patient, and start working :)

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