Management in IT. How to hire IT talents?

Imagine that you hear the words "IT recruitment". What is the first association that you will have? As a rule, this is primarily a search for software developers.

However, IT recruiting is not limited only to this field — we do technical recruitment, including managers, because no company can do without them. In this article, we will talk about what points to pay attention to while selecting candidates in the field of IT management, which professions, in general, exist, and how to effectively find an IT talent of the right profile.

Technical recruitment: occupations

In fact, the list of professions can be listed endlessly, because it is very wide — from an account manager to a business developer. For this reason, we will not try to embrace immensity and cover all specializations, but today we will tell you about the most popular and in-demand professions.

Account manager

The account manager is responsible for customer service and support (for example, sending the necessary documentation). Some IT companies also have key account managers — they work with key, especially important for company clients.

Project manager

An important point: do not confuse the project and product manager. Straight to the point: the project manager is responsible for the implementation of projects and control of processes.

Product manager

Unlike a project manager, a product manager is not responsible for processes, but for the entire product. They research the market, do analytics, and look for new ways to develop the product.

Business Development manager

Every company needs to develop, find new partners and potential customers. This is exactly what a business developer does. Business Development manager conducts a presentation of the products, develops relationships with existing partners, and also looks for new ones.

Release manager

Release manager manages the release of the product: plans and controls various development processes, including testing for timely identification of problem areas and their improvement, communicates with marketers and project managers of the company to jointly think over the most successful release concept.

User Acquisition manager

Specialists of this profile are responsible for attracting users to the product — for example, it can be a mobile app or a large-scale PC game. User Acquisition manager analyzes the results of advertising campaigns and develops strategies to improve them, monitors the achievement of the necessary KPIs, searches and tests optimal traffic sources.

Finding an IT talent for the position of manager — important points

In the case when it is necessary to do technical recruitment for managerial positions, there are important points that need to be paid attention to:
  • Test assignment
    When you search for developers, you can often use lifecoding for a number of positions, and the question of a test assignment for candidates for IT management roles remains open. In fact, it's not worth reinventing the wheel, because everything is quite simple — when composing a test assignment, take into account the responsibilities that are supposed to be solved within a specific position. This can be a small mathematical task for a User Acquisition manager or a case in the format of a role-playing game for a Business development manager.
  • Checking soft skills
    So, for a project manager, responsibility and the ability to work in multitasking mode will be important, for account managers — stress tolerance, conflict management, responsibility and developed negotiation skills. Ask potential candidates to illustrate a particular skill with examples from professional background — this will give you the opportunity to get the most complete idea.
  • Expertise in IT
    It is important that the manager knows well the product and its features, not only in general, but also from the technical side — pay attention to the specialist's past experience in the tech field or to their willingness to learn about the specifics of IT as much as possible in a short time. Taking into account the large amounts of information and terminology, many IT companies, while training new employees, hold various sessions with specialists from different departments (from development to customer service), organize tests and intermediate assignments to monitor progress.
Tech recruitment really has its own characteristics and the search for managers in the IT field is no exception — nevertheless, with the competent formation of a search strategy and optimal recruiting processes, it is possible to find an IT talent of the right profile quite quickly and efficiently.

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