IT market in 2022: popular professions, industries, trends, hiring

The IT market is developing rapidly, current trends and tendencies are changing very quickly, so it is vitally important for companies to understand what to expect in the coming year in order to plan their recruiting processes effectively.

In our new article, we will talk about IT fields which are currently developing particularly intensively, discuss specialists who are in increasing demand today, and also find out IT professions that will become less popular this year.

IT professions in demand in 2022

Recently, the demand for SRE engineers (Site reliability engineering) continues to grow: IT specialists of this profile are responsible for the reliability of the site and the creation of functional and high-quality software. According to the international job search portal Indeed, the average annual salary of an SRE engineer is 131,842 $.
Data specialists are also in demand now — for example, data analytics. The demand for QA has also increased — in 2022, companies will need a lot of them.
Let's have a look at our favorite category "timeless classics": it is impossible not to mention that Golang developers are still in high demand, although there is still an acute shortage of them in the IT market :)

Programming languages such as Java, C++ and Python are also on the top of popularity.

What will change?

While certain IT professions are getting more and more popular, there are also those for which demand is decreasing. So, we can observe a similar situation with PHP developers: the reason is that this programming language is now being actively rewritten and changed in whole to meet modern realities.
In the TIOBE rating, PHP really dropped lower compared to last year: if at the end of 2021 it already lost several positions, today it did not even enter the top 10 most popular programming languages, ending up in 11th place.

Ahead of the entire planet

One of those fields that are rapidly developing and will continue their development in 2022 is the biotech industry, which is based on medicine and IT. The biotechnology industry studies the issues of genetic engineering, and also considers how biology can be used in solving various technological problems.

Among the major biotech corporations are BIOCAD, Amgen, Ginko BioWorks, Bioniq and others.
Biotech, again, today primarily requires data specialists — data analysts, big data specialists, biostatistics specialists (biostatistics is applied in the development of statistical methods in biology and medicine). In addition, there is a great demand for cybersecurity engineers.

Up and only up

The question that now worries many IT companies that are hiring new staff: what forecasts on salary forks of candidates can be expected?

Despite the fact that it is difficult to name exact numbers, the level of salaries of IT specialists in any case will continue to get higher.
The CEO of Lucky Hunter Tatiana Melnichuk speaks of 30% growth at least.
The fight for candidates, meanwhile, will not become less fierce, so the hunger games of IT recruiting will go on :)

Heading abroad

Another trend that has entered with us in 2022 and will not leave the IT market in the near future is the growth in the number of IT specialists for whom relocation is a high priority.

This happens partly due to the fact that Western companies have realized the high level of professionalism of Russian developers and today they want to hire our candidates to strengthen their teams. The countries that most often hire IT specialists from Russia include the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States. We can say for sure that 2022 won't be boring :)
It's time to get active and start conquering new horizons!
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