The IT recruiter's playlist:
top songs of the tech recruitment agency Lucky Hunter

In these troubled times, everyone is looking for some kind of support and comfort. For many of our team, music has become such a support, so we have compiled a playlist in which almost each of us has added a song to help them hold on. For some, the selected tracks are more just about routine, which is especially important in unstable times — for example, about sourcing candidates, for someone — about finding inspiration and strength to cope with any obstacles.

We hope that everyone will find something for themselves in this playlist — please find a link to the playlist on Spotify and YouTube.

"I find this song very relatable, especially the words 'lost on my way but super girls don't cry'. This track helps me find strength inside me."

Reamonn — Super Girls Don't Cry


"There is no deep meaning in choosing this song, it's just fun and always improves my mood. By the way, we are the same age ;)"

Ricky Martin — Livin' la Vida Loca

Web designer

"It seems to me that this track perfectly reflects the insatiability of the recruiter when they are on the verge of filling the job openings — you always think that you can do more and more, because it's never enough."

Three Days Grace — One Too Many

Lead IT recruiter

"Now this song evokes strong emotions and makes me think about many things at once. Definitely my namber one in the playlist lately."

Cold — Emily

PR manager

"The whole song is like one continuous mood of the present days: I want the record to change sooner, but so far the situation is still "oh life is bigger, it's bigger than you".

R.E.M. — Losing My Religion

Lead IT recruiter

"Everything is quite simple — this track always calms you down and makes you think about good things. So I love it forever and ever!"

Devendra Banhart — Mi Negrita

SMM manager

"For me, it's like a song for all the unstable and turbulent times. Of course, it is a little melancholic and sad, but at the same time it is life-affirming for me. Calmly so life-affirming :)"

Of Monsters and Men — Little Talks

Junior IT recruiter

"Extremely pleasant associations are forever connected with this track: memories of the university and the best years of my youth :)"

Maroon 5 — She Will Be Loved

Business development manager

"I think this song is now the rage of the day, and in general always relevant to a recruiter."

Queen — The Show Must Go On

Lead IT recruiter

"The song makes you remember that no night can last for so long, and sooner or later, even in the darkest time, the dawn will come. I always come back to it sooner or later, but in recent days I have been listening to it especially often."

Grace — The Sun Is Rising

Content manager

"I often listen to this track when I'm sourcing candidates — it helps to focus and catch the pace."

Ludovico Einaudi
— Experience

IT recruiter

"For me, this is something calm, relaxing and vibe. What is needed now."

DPR IAN — So Beautiful


"It's just a mood when you fill several job openings at once in a month :)"

50 Cent — I Get Money

Junior IT recruiter

Hope you enjoyed our playlist!

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