Tech Recruiting News. What Has Changed in Recruiting over the Past Six Months?

For obvious reasons, the recent events have given a boost to a large number of the world changes, and the IT sphere is very sensitive to any changes. This means that the processes of IT recruiting have also transformed as they directly depend on the tech industry.

What is happening in tech recruitment sphere now? What should you pay attention to when hiring IT professionals? What specialities have become the most in-demand on the market? Let's talk about it in our short article.


If globally the labour market has been replenished with off-the-job staff (during the pandemic), then on the tech market everything is somewhat different: despite the fact that some IT companies (especially startups) were cutting jobs at some time, the tech candidates' growth is out of the question.

Rather on the contrary: it has become more difficult to hire tech specialists, as they are less actively considering new offers, especially from Russian tech companies.
These factors mean that salaries on the tech market have become much higher. The reason lies in the higher competition for tech professionals, and the need to offer significantly better conditions to motivate the candidate to consider the offer.
By the way, the pay gap in regions and megacities has practically disappeared today. With the spread of remote work and the growing shortage of tech professionals, specialists from small towns began to receive almost the same salaries as tech professionals from the metropolis. Therefore, there is no chance to save money by hiring a specialist from the region.


Six months ago, remote work was one of the most competitive advantages of IT companies. Some specialists were even ready to lower salary expectations in order to have the possibility to work from around the world.

Today everything has changed: most of all IT specialists are interested in stability. In addition, many tech talents are even more eager to consider offers with relocation abroad. Due to the economic crisis in the country, salaries in world currency (dollars, euros, pounds) have become even more attractive.
The need for standard tech perks, an interesting project, growth prospects, an experienced team remains an important factor.

Programming languages

In our experience, the most in-demand specialists today are Golang Developers, as well as Mobile App Developers. The demand for the most common specialists in the IT industry (Java, Python, C ++, Frontend, PHP and some others) remains at a high level.
Interestingly, there is also an increase in the number of Junior-level developers. More and more young professionals continue to actively retrain for employment opportunities in the tech field.
We've told you about the most important changes in the IT industry. We've made it to help you adjust the recruiting processes in accordance with the market: this is the only way you'll be able to successfully find great employees.

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