IT recruitment in E-commerce

In 1994, the American made his first purchase over the Internet by ordering Sting's new album on Amazon and paying with his card. This was what a little later became known as e-commerce. Today we will tell you about the industry, and also see which jobs are most in demand in it.

What is it?

E-commerce is the purchase and sale of goods and services online. Such sales can be both for the B2C segment (for example, a store sells something to a customer) and B2B (companies sell their services to other companies — for instance, digital business solutions or cloud storage). The field of e-commerce is not limited to these two abbreviations only: there are people offering services to companies (c2b — consumer 2 business) or buying and selling goods and services between other people directly (c2c).

The industry is developing rapidly: this is partly due to the general digitalization of the whole world, partly because the consumer in the 21st century values their time and convenience, and prefers to order goods online in a couple of clicks (and often with free delivery) instead of spending several hours shopping.

Country ranking

According to eMarketer, in 2021China became the undisputed leader in the field — the second and third places are held by the United States and the UK.
If you already thought that the king of e-commerce is Chinese Alibaba, you were wrong :) This title belongs to Amazon, which we already mentioned at the beginning of the article — the largest profit in the world of e-commerce belongs to this company.

However, Alibaba and another Chinese company Jingdong are following Amazon in terms of profit. Also in the rating was the well-known eBay (blink if you have ordered something from it at least once), Groupon which is one of the pioneers in offering users discount coupons for services from various companies, and the German Otto group.

Tech recruiting for E-commerce: in-demand jobs

Taking into account the development of the industry, new startups and companies regularly appear, which means that it is necessary to search for software developers and do tech recruitment. What jobs are most in demand in E-commerce now? First of all, of course, IT staff:
  • 1
    C++ developer;
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
However, the industry requires not only the selection of IT personnel but also tech talents in other fields:
  • 1
    UX/UI designer;
  • 2
    Project Manager;
  • 3
    Business Analyst;
  • 4
    Product Manager;
  • 5
    Head of E-com;
  • 6
    E-commerce Director
It is important to understand that the recruitment of IT personnel in e-commerce has its specifics, which we clearly described in one of the recent cases when we helped an American client find two senior .NET developers for his e-commerce startup — be sure to read :)

If you need to do IT staff recruitment in E-commerce, leave a request! Our IT recruitment agency will contact you, discuss your openings, develop a search strategy, begin the search for software developers, and do tech recruitment.

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