How Recruitment Agencies Actually Work: The TOP-4 Myths About Recruiting

Why do you need recruiting agencies if you already have a full-time HR specialist or a paywall to Indeed? Just set up the search settings and download 50 CVs of programmers at once. The only we need is to call the candidates and invite them for an interview.

And what about the fact that the cost of agency services is linked to the employee's annual income - do you think that third-party recruiters show you only expensive candidates to get as much profit as possible?

Answering these and other revealing questions about IT recruitment in the article below.

You already have an in-house HR-specialist

Why should I contact the agency if my recruiters cope with the tasks just as well or better than third-party recruiters and without extra costs!
At first glance, attracting a third-party agency to search tech professionals seem illogical if you already have an HR department, and in the end, you pay them a salary! But the additional support of your HR department by an IT recruitment agency can be indispensable when:
  • 1
    You need to find more than three high-class IT-specialists in a short time.
    Rarely, the HR department has a deadчline for the selection of such specialists. By contrast, the agency is interested in the most expeditious and most accurate staff selection for you - because they stake brand on their work.
  • 2
    You need to find rare IT professionals on the market.
    Do you need programmers in the robotics sphere? Or do you need developers writing in rare languages and programming frameworks? Check out our case study on how to find 3 Rust developers in 1 month.
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    The company has opened a completely new job position and you have no CV database for this job opening.
    In agencies, the candidate databases are expanding and replenishing constantly, so the chance to find the right specialist with the help of the agency increases significantly.
  • 4
    You want to lure the TOP level tech specialist from another company.
    Cool CTO, PO, UI / UX designers don't grow on trees, on the contrary, they've been working remotely in large companies and get salary in foreign currency. To build your product by a cool team of such professionals - you need to lure them. Successful recruiting agencies are agencies with well-established networking, which means that they have more ways to lure top tech specialists than the in-house HR-department.

I have an annual subscription to Indeed

Downloading a CV from there, calling the candidates, inviting them for an interview and filling a job opening! It's time to open a recruitment agency myself!
At Lucky Hunter we are all for it! In addition, we'll train the staff of your newly-minted agency for the selection of high-class tech specialists!

But let's back to your access to specialist search portals. How much time did you spend studying the CV database, calls to candidates, coordination of meetings? Have you noticed that those to whom you make a job offer leave the company after 2 weeks, alleging illness? Or does a candidate write code that breaks everything that had been written before he joined the company?

If you applied to a recruiting agency instead of searching for an employee yourself, then the agency recruiters at the first stage would filter out emotionally unstable candidates and specialists with a low level of experience. You would only have to come to a meeting with the most suitable candidate at the appointed time. No headache, delays and reflections on under what pretext to fire an incompetent employee.

The cost of agency services is linked to the employee's annual income

Probably, they'll show us the most expensive specialists on the market.
Any modern IT recruitment agency, guided by the principle of partnership, seeks to create long-term relationships with customers. This is a mutually beneficial story in which both clients and agencies are interested. By maintaining long-term relationships with customers, we better understand each other, know all the company's features and, as a result, fill a job opening 2-3 times faster. So we become a trusted and reliable partner.

If we take advantage of the customer by providing only expensive candidates, we don't only lose our loyal customers, but also damage the reputation that we value very much.

Agencies aren't well-versed in my field

I'm working in the most complicated field of IT! Nobody understands its better than me and my HR-s and knows who my company is searching for.
Of course, nobody understands your business better than you. If you have time to search and interview candidates, send offers, put up with refusals and start the search process over - you really can do it yourself. Nevertheless, IT recruiters have been practicing for more than one year to distinguish cool IT specialists from nonprofessionals via the first Skype interview. Bit that's only half the battle! After all, you need to convince a specialist that your company is what he needs. Great if you can sell a job. If not, then you need the help of agencies!

Do you need a cool tech professional in your team, but you are still sceptical about the agencies' benefits? Contact Lucky Hunter today and get your first candidates within 4 days! We'll show you how we differ from in-house HR-s and Indeed in practice.

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