What tools do the Lucky Hunter IT recruiters use to find tech talents?

What does an IT recruiter use in their work? Perhaps the first answer that comes to your mind is LinkedIn. The answer is generally correct, but, of course, the arsenal of IT recruiters is not limited only to this social network. In this article, we will tell you which services help our recruiters to build their work in the most convenient and effective way: quickly select IT personnel, hire a software developer, and find IT talent. Sounds interesting? Then keep reading!

To hire tech specialists: IT staff recruitment


Recruitment service, where resumes of international candidates are available: if you need to form a pool of international candidates and recruit personnel in the IT field for the customers worldwide, this service is perfect.


Recruitment service with the CVs of candidates located in CIS region — if you need to find tech staff from the CIS countries, think of this tool.

Tech talents for IT companies: Mail


An extension that allows you to set up pings if the recipient has not responded to the first email, and pulls emails out of spam — the chance that your email will not be read due to falling into spam is minimal.


A service (an extension is available, and you can also work in a full-scale version on the site) that finds and corrects errors in English-language texts. A big pron is that it concerns not only spelling: Grammarly also checks stylistics and punctuation, and immediately gives recommendations for improvement. Relevant for correspondence with foreign clients and candidates.


A very convenient online service for shortening links. It is relevant if, for example, you try to find developers and need to post links to the job openings descriptions in your post in social media. Short links look user-friendlier and more readable than those that take up several lines at once.

Find IT personnel: Meetings

Google Meets

A service from Google, in which you can easily join video and audio meetings just in your browser without downloading any additional apps. The link is created automatically when organizing a meeting in Google Calendar. It is convenient for conducting interviews.


It is also a fairly well-known and popular service for video and audio calls. It is often used for face-to-face calls (for example, an initial interview with candidates, at which only the IT recruiter and the candidate are present), as well as conferences with a large number of participants: you can show your screen, and create session rooms inside each conference. In the paid version, the conference time is unlimited, in the free version there is a limit of 40 minutes, but closer to the end of the remaining time, you can simply re-visit the same link. Meetings in Zoom can also be added to Google Calendar.

Technical staff recruitment: Workflow


A convenient website for project management. You can create a separate board for the team and organize it as it suits you. It is a card that can be divided into different columns, tags and categories, as well as dragged from one column to another. There is an option to add a checklist inside the card (very convenient if it is relevant to the task — in addition, you can use it as a list of items) and set deadlines, so you can fill the actual deadlines for the task and clearly understand the status of its completion.


Another service for project management and optimization of workflow: it gives you the chance to see which processes are running and how many employees are working on them.


And another project management service, which we also consider to be a must-have :) The toolkit is quite large and includes various boards, notes, tables and much more.

Our IT recruitment agency has shared our favorite apps for effective work — save this list and use it!

Our IT recruitment agency has shared our favorite apps for effective work — save this list and use it!

Do you need IT staff recruitment and search for developers? We will help you to find tech talents, hire a team for a startup, and efficiently organize the recruitment of IT personnel in a short time. Leave a request, our technical recruitment agency will contact you as soon as possible!

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