Relocation for IT specialists today: how and where IT companies are relocating their employees

We have already talked about the changes that the IT market is undergoing today — in particular, many entrepreneurs are now actively relocating businesses from Russia and Belarus, and IT companies are moving teams to more stable countries.

In this article, we will tell you on what conditions most companies are currently relocating IT specialists, discuss IT professions that remain in demand even in the current rapidly changing realities, and observe the situation with the relocation of candidates from Russia and Belarus in general.

Where does the IT industry go from Russia and Belarus?

At the moment, most international IT companies are really leaving Russia and Belarus: as a rule, they move to the nearest CIS countries, or immediately relocate their teams to Europe. As a result, mostly only native Russian IT companies remain in the country now, a very small number of which, in general, worked on the international market — as for the Western corporations, the majority of them are now leaving the country.

Many companies relocate offices and employees to Georgia or Armenia — for example, Nvidia, one of the largest manufacturers of video cards, moved to Yerevan. Also, IT corporations are leaving for Montenegro, the UK and some EU countries: for example, Germany or Spain.

Hiring in IT today: how companies relocate candidates

In general, in our experience, almost none of the foreign companies are now ready to consider candidates from Russia and Belarus, who are not planning to leave in the near future. It should be emphasized that foreign employers are still ready to hire Russian and Belarusian developers — however, it is important for them that specialists already live abroad at the time of hiring or are ready to relocate as quickly as possible.

Relocation packages are different everywhere: some IT companies give a fixed amount (for example, 15 thousand dollars), which the candidate themselves decides how to spend, some companies compensate various expenses — for example, the transportation of the family, as well as different cargo transportation.
Nevertheless, in all cases, the processes are organized in such a way as to compensate all necessary expenses — this is one of the reasons for the growing popularity of job openings with relocation among IT specialists, especially now.
However, despite the fact that the IT market is now becoming an employer's market again, and not a candidate's, there is still a shortage of personnel — in particular, there is a high demand for Java, Golang and iOS developers, as well as for team leaders and tech leaders.

Relocation of employees

As for the relocation of the current team, as a rule, IT companies relocate the entire staff. However, again, we have met cases when the company suspended cooperation with those team members who for some reason were not ready for relocation in the near future — this is due to the fact that many employers are not ready to keep a team in unstable regions today.

In general, both candidates and companies are now actively trying to adapt to new realities, which sometimes change literally in a day, since world events have affected absolutely all industries, including the IT field.

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