The top 10 most in-demand technology jobs of 2019

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The number of IT specialists is growing every year, while the demand for most of them remains high. The statistics provided by the US Department of Labor, reports that by 2026 the number of specialists involved in the field of IT will increase by 13%.

This is faster than any other industry. At the same time, the number of IT vacancies is expected to increase by 557,000.

If 10 years ago IT specialists were not required everywhere, then at the present time it is difficult to imagine a company that does not need various IT professionals.

The most in-demand tech jobs

Introducing you the top 10 most trendy IT jobs of 2019. The data is collected from the sources:
  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics;
  • TechRepublic (online magazine for IT professionals);
  • Personal experience of the IT recruitment agency Lucky Hunter.
  • 1
    Cybersecurity engineer
    Protection is the highest consideration. IT industry is developing, and the amount of cybercrime is growing. A cybersecurity engineer is needed to protect a company and consumer information, as well as websites and Apps. Therefore, this specialty is becoming one of the most in-demand in the world of information technology.
  • 2
    Machine learning engineer
    The demand for a machine learning specialist is explained by the attempt of almost every enterprise to simplify the life of a consumer. Image, speech, face recognition, medical diagnostics - all this essentially reduces time expenditures and simplifies the daily life of a person.
  • 3
    Full stack developer
    In accordance with the statistics collected from Indeed, Full stack developers are among the most needed specialists. The reason lies in the fact that it has become preferable for many employers to hire a specialist who is well- versed both in Back-End and Front-End development. However, the demand for Front and Back-End developers has not decreased.
  • 4
    Data scientist
    For three years in a row, the Glassdoor website has prioritized Data Science over other specialties. It is predicted that data scientists will continue to be in high demand in 2019.
  • 5
    Cloud engineer
    According to Indeed, the demand for a cloud engineer has grown by 27% since 2015 and continues to grow steadily.
  • 6
    DevOps engineer
    If in 2012, less than 1% of vacancies for the position of DevOps engineer were posted on Indeed, then by 2017, their number has increased by 27%. Moreover, according to Glassdoor, this position is ranked second in the top list of the best specialties of 2018.
By the way, if you do not know where and how to find a Front-End developer for your company, read our blog article.

The rest of the IT specialties included in the list of the most in-demand in 2019 are:

  • Java
  • JavaScript developer
  • Embedded programmer
  • Mobile App developer

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