Lucky Hunter Journal: December 2023

Bells are already jingling, and Mariah Carey has almost defrosted. All this means only one thing – the holiday season is coming! Today, we have come with (spoiler alert) the last but one Lucky Hunter Journal of 2023.


The autumn season brought a wealth of meetings and events.


In October, our CEO, Tatiana, participated at the Emerge conference in Istanbul as a speaker: her presentation was a hit, garnering numerous positive reviews, resonating well with the audience, and leading to new connections. Undoubtedly, her excellent performance at this conference is a significant milestone for our company.


Also, Tatiana had the chance to attend the Gitex conference in Dubai – it turned out to be an extraordinary experience. The sheer scale of the event and the diverse array of participants and companies left a lasting impression on our CEO. Tatiana had an opportunity to participate in several fantastic networking events and visit the largest business publishing house in the UAE.


British Recruitment Awards 2023

We made it to the shortlist for the British Recruitment Awards 2023 and won in the Leader of the Year (Agency) category. A heartfelt congratulations to our CEO, Tatiana! We are lucky to have such an awesome boss, and this award just reaffirms what we already knew.


Also, in November, we received two awards from the Clutch service – Clutch Champion and Clutch Global. The main evaluation criterion was the presence of regular positive reviews from clients.
We are grateful to every client who took the time to share their feedback about us.


Since September, we started collaborating with impressive new clients:
  • Mercuryo
    Brings innovative cryptocurrency-based payment solutions that enhance the accessibility of instant transactions.
  • Itkey
    Specialises in creating and developing products in the field of open cloud technologies like OpenStack and Kubernetes.
    A conglomerate of companies uniting various agencies and internet marketing services.
  • Axenix
    Specialises in large-scale business digital transformation projects, taking into account industry-specific nuances.
  • Alif Bank
    A Central Asian bank that offers an ecosystem of financial solutions ranging from the application to the online platform for retail trade.


It hasn't been long since our last journal, but we have already welcomed two new members: Veronica to the position of IT Sourcer and Alyona to the position of Business Developer. We are excited to see you join our team and hope our collaboration will be long and fruitful.
Sourcing IT Specialist
Business Developer

But there's more!

In early November, we published an interview with Valeria, our Lead IT Recruiter: it turned out lively and engaging!

Additionally, in November, our Lucky Hunter team had the monthly online meeting, where we discussed ongoing matters and just caught up. We are looking forward to meeting everyone in person soon.

A Drop of Bitterness

We always aim to be transparent and share our wins and challenges.

This autumn, we faced an unexpected issue when scammers exploited our name. Impostors posing as recruiters from our agency contacted candidates, attempting to extort money and personal information.
We reported these incidents to the police and initiated a campaign to alert as many candidates and clients as possible about the scams, working to safeguard the reputation of Lucky Hunter.
We invite you to read an article on the topic 'How to recognise and protect yourself from scammers.’
As of today, the fraudulent attacks have stopped, but it is essential to stay vigilant and keep your guard up.


We continue to be featured in reputable international publications and provide expert opinions.

Here are some materials in case you missed them:


At Lucky Hunter, we are constantly seeking new ways to grow and improve. In November, we had a consultation with SMM guru Roman Bordunov. Roman helped us find answers to some of our most challenging questions and examined our social media channels, inspiring the team for success.

Additionally, we are constantly improving and fine-tuning our websites to make them more informative and user-friendly for our clients.

We have also prepared a special holiday message for you! Stay tuned :)

Lucky Hunter is here to help you fill vacancies of any complexity worldwide. Fill out the form, and we will definitely get in touch with you.

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