The key stages of IT staff recruitment

Situation: you need to find IT talent and you contact a technical recruitment agency. So what to expect, what to hope for and what to prepare for? So many questions, so few answers. However, don't panic — if earlier we talked about the basic principles of tech recruitment agencies and mentioned the stages of their work only in general terms, today we will focus on them in more detail and guide you through the process. Spoiler alert — nothing terrible will happen, so you can relax :)

An IT recruitment agency: stages of tech staffing

Nevertheless, be ready — IT recruiting is very unpredictable. This is one of its key features, which can only be understood, forgiven and accepted. Sometimes different situations can take place — for example, a candidate rejected a job offer at the last moment. If this happens, then the recruiting cycle starts from the beginning and the stages are repeated.

Video meeting and discussion of the job opening

When you send an inquiry to a technical staffing agency, the first thing that usually happens is establishing the first contact. A representative of the tech agency contacts you to arrange a video call. This stage is one of the most important. It determines not just all next steps but the success of the final result as well.

First of all, you and the IT agency will get to know each other better and find out if the both of you will have a productive cooperation. Such a video meeting will allow you to determine whether you coincide in spirit and views on the organization of various processes.

Secondly, at this stage, an IT recruitment agency will discuss your job opening in order to decide on a further search strategy and find the IT talent that you need. You will tell more about your wishes and requirements for the candidate you are looking for, approve the selection stages and agree on all significant points.

Search for IT personnel and selection of IT talents

As a rule, an IT recruitment agency tries to look for candidates as quickly as possible, because it understands that your business processes depend on it. For example, in Lucky Hunter we break records even for the superhero Flash and show the first candidates in 4 days :) The agency's IT recruiters are looking for tech talents suitable for the right profile in their database and through all recruiting channels (including not only specialized recruitment platforms AmazingHiring but also LinkedIn and other online resources) and conduct initial interviews.

A namechek also takes place at this stage — when the agency's IT recruiters send the candidate's data to the company's inhouse recruiters to check them in the database: this is necessary to find out whether there was communication with a specific IT specialist earlier and what was the history of interaction with him. In addition, the namecheck makes it possible to find out whether a candidate is assigned to a company or a tech staffing agency can work with them further.

Interviews with finalists

At this stage, the IT recruitment agency coordinates interviews with the finalists and helps you form a strong competitive job offer that will influence the candidates' decision-making. This is vital because not only the employer chooses the candidate, but also the candidate chooses the company. The most beautiful thing is when the match occurs.

A job offer: find the IT staff of your dreams — mission possible

The most exciting moment when it becomes clear whether the long-awaited match will happen or not. As we have already written, tech recruitment is unpredictable, and a variety of situations may take place: for instance, a candidate may refuse an offer. In this case, the technical recruitment agency analyzes the reasons for the refusals together with you — this is necessary for their further study: for example, sometimes you need to change the motivation strategy.

If the refusal does happen, then in this case, as we wrote at the beginning, everything repeats in the best traditions of the recruiting cycle. The main thing is not to give up and firmly believe that your ideal candidate is also looking for you! We, in turn, will do everything possible for you to meet each other as soon as possible.

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