Lucky Hunter Herald: December

The latest Lucky Hunter herald dates back to September. Three months have passed since then, and we already have a lot of cool news and events that we want to share with you!

For example, we celebrated Halloween twice, are actively recruiting staff, started cooperation with a number of new clients, and filled many complex and unique vacancies for regular ones. But first things first: let's talk about everything in our article on the Lucky Hunter news!
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Three significant events took place in our team at once: our awesome content manager Yulia has completed her probationary period, a new IT recruiter Katya joined our ranks, and our boss Tanya has found a cool and omnipotent personal assistant Liza.
Content Manager
Junior IT Recruiter
Personal Assistant
Girls, we are very glad that you are part of our team. We believe that a great joint future is awaiting us!


We never cease to be amazed at the rapid growth of clients we successfully started cooperation with, but it's especially pleasant that the majority of clients come from referrals. This means that we provide a really high-quality service in the market.

Meet our new clients

  • Persona
    The company creates innovative state of the art data-driven solutions for the mobile marketing and market research industries, designed to drive growth and extend reach.
  • Eye4fraud
    The company has developed a product that helps fight fraud in the e-commerce market by organizing secure payment and delivery of goods around the world.
  • Novelsoft
    A company specializing in software development in the field of Data Science and Bioinformatics.
  • Matterway
    It's a German startup that created a solution able to increase employee productivity by helping teams around the world spend less time on routine tasks.
It's great that we work with such different companies that still having one thing in common - our clients build truly impressive products, and we help them find no less impressive employees.


In our regular herald, we've also decided to add a new section - cases, in which we will briefly cover fillings of the most impressive vacancies.

Some unique Lucky Hunter positions

  • NLP Engineer - Filled within 22 days by IT recruiter Alina
    This vacancy we filled for a British startup. The team was looking for a high-level specialist whose specialization covered NLP, and not general Machine Learning. In addition, the team required fluent English from the candidate, since our client's team is multinational.

    Concentrating on finding specialists from Europe, Alina found an experienced specialist from London. His experience just covered knowledge of NLP, and as an Englishman he, as you may guess, didn't have problems with knowing English :)
  • Node.js Developer - filled within 14 days by Lead it recruiter daria and it researcher alika
    In just 14 days after the opening discussion, our recruiting team was able to find a suitable specialist for a German startup.

The position was not among simple ones:

  • 1
    The client's team paid close attention to candidates' technical skills, selecting only Senior + level specialists;
  • 2
    The candidates had to pass a test assigmnet;
  • 3
    The team was looking for a candidate who speaks both excellent written and fluent spoken English.
These requirements immediately weeded out 30% of candidates on the market, and the presence of a test assignment also reduced by one third the number of candidates who met the requirements for the position.

Focusing on the advantages of the vacancy, including salary in foreign currency, project, technology stack, the possibility of relocation to Germany in the future, as well as using the maximum recruiting channels, our Lucky Hunter team was able to find a suitable candidate who hit the client's fancy and subsequently received an offer.
And of course, we have filled many traditional vacancies for the positions of Java, QA, Python, C ++ developers, found many specialists for our regular clients, including Tinkoff and Avito.

Corporate party

In autumn we celebrated our main holiday - Halloween. We are not only the lucky ones in the world of recruiting, but also witches a bit, because sometimes just a little magic allows us to quickly fill vacancies :)
In honour of Halloween, we visited an atmospheric loft, where we listened to live music performed by the orchestra, danced, talked (including a talk to a real fortune-teller!), And, of course, had a sabbath :)
We celebrated the second Halloween already in a family style, having gathered in the office for wine and listening to mystical stories from our past.

Showing photos from the holidays and believe that we'll be able to give a sense of the incredible atmosphere that was enthroned around us on this holiday:

Other news

By the way, in October we managed to create several more animated videos about our work. Happy viewing!

1. Marketing

Recently, our boss Tanya started writing a column in Snob magazine, on the pages of which she shares various insights and thoughts with readers, telling about IT, entrepreneurship, team management and many other stories. If you haven't visited Snob yet, it's high time to do that! (P.S. the column is available only in Rissian)
And reminding you that now we have our personal Telegram channel, where we share the most crucial and hot-button issues from the world of recruiting. We are waiting for your visit:)

2. Turnovers

We should also note that the company's revenues are constantly growing: we don't make boast of it, but proud that everything is good at Lucky Hunter, because this means that we are doing our job well, working hard for the benefit of the IT community.

3. Office

Our team is constantly growing: it becomes increasingly difficult to find a place for all employees in our cosy office, so we decided to move. On December 15, our team moves to a spacious office with a separate meeting room, kitchen and a lot of available space.

4. Volunteering

Recently, we have begun to think more and more about social responsibility: with the growth of the company, we have more and more opportunities to help others, take care of the environment, or simply be partial to everything surrounding us.

We start small: we've recently become participants in a project from the Svetocopy company which is called "Dobrobum", collecting all waste paper and office paper in a separate container.
And in the spring of 2022, we are planning to organize a full-fledged campaign for landscaping St. Petersburg together with the "Zeleniy Petersburg" Foundation, but we will tell you about this a bit later.
Subscribe to us on social networks to stay tuned. Let's do a good deed together.

And, of course, fill vacancies with Lucky Hunter: you will be surprised how quickly and efficiently you can find a specialist even for the rarest IT position!

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