Sticker pack for those who are tired of waiting

Do you know the feeling of tedious waiting? Should it be a response to a business letter or a call from a friend. Do you want to speed up the process and get a prompt reply even from the slowest interlocutors? We invented a very original way to solve the problem and worked on creating a new sticker pack, available to everyone who is tired of waiting patiently.

Lucky Zhduns - that's the way we name our new stickers and send them in a variety of situations. It lightens the mood and brings positive to the workflow :)


In recruiting, you always have to wait: the candidate's response, customer feedback or an important e-mail from partners. Polite deadline reminders don't always work, and the failure to meet them makes you into harassed and anxious.

We've already created a sticker pack for all occasions and received a lot of commendable reviews. Besides, statistics showed that Telegram users have downloaded stickers more than 400 times! Thet's why we thought it would be great to create another pack - "Lucky Zhduns": a great way to make your presence felt when you need to speed up the process of working communication.

The main feature of "Zhduns" is the original look, which represents the appearance of our recruiters. Each sticker has its own hair color, hairstyle and even look. This is very handy: you can choose is most similar Zhdun to you and send it to friends :)

Let's find out what the benefits of stickers are, and how they help in our work!

When do you use stickers?

Mаria - IT-researcher

I use my sticker, perhaps, 20 times a day: I send it to candidates when they don't answer the email for a long time, to my friends and even to couriers. It helps to cope with stress and cheers up not only me but my leisurely mates. It's very comfortable :)

Daria - Lead IT-recruiter

My depicted protege saves me almost every minute. It's cool that we managed to create a whole sticker pack. Perhaps our latest invention is the best that we did within the last month, except for tons of filled job openings, of course.

Tatiana - Lucky Hunter Managing Director

All the recruiter's work is based on waiting. To do the work on time, you have to constantly make your presence felt. But with the advent of such a charming Zhdun, I no longer think about how best to "ping" the interlocutor, and just send the sticker. Clients always react positively to such an original way of communication and have positive emotions from our cooperation. In general, I love our new sticker pack! This is exactly what we lacked in work :)

Ekaterina - IT-recruiter

Zhduns is a cool way to make our candidates and clients feel our presence, it's really not a bad plan, but most of all I like that each sticker portrays us :)
Do you know that Zhdun is a sculpture made by a Dutch artist for the University of Leiden? The sculpture has caught the fancy and has become an Internet meme.

Maria - IT-recruiter

I use the sticker when I'm waiting for a candidate's response or feedback from a customer. And the best part is the reaction of people. It has some kind of magical effect: from banal surprise to a quick solution to issues. Your own sticker is a great boon when your life is full of continuous waiting.

Veleriya - IT-recruiter

When I'm terribly tired of waiting, my new sticker " Zhdun" saves me. Its rosy hair symbolizes the changes in my life and meets my new image - I have pink hair now. It's great that I can take the heat out of the situation by using this lovely sticker and cheer up a client or a candidate during a frantic working rhythm.

Maria- Junior IT-recruiter

I use the new sticker so often that I don't understand how we worked without it before :) This is a great way to make my presence felt and make even the most serious clients smile.

If you want to receive stickers from our team, download the pack and your life will be filled with joy!

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