Today Lucky Hunter celebrates its first birthday

How it all began

Even though we are celebrating our first birthday, the history of the company began much earlier. Namely - 10 years ago, when our muse and pluralistically head of the agency Tatiana began to recruit tech specialists for various companies. Six years ago, Tanya started to specialize in the selection purely of IT specialists. There are two reasons for such a choice:
  • 1
    IT direction is the most difficult in recruiting, and therefore the most relevant and interesting.
  • 2
    Tanya's personal enthusiasm alongside the desire to improve the quality of services provided by recruitment agencies in the field of IT.
Initially, only two specialists worked in our company. In truth, we did not even think that we would need to hire new employees, to expand. However, after only half a year, both Russian giants, such as Yandex and NEXIGN, and large foreign companies, such as Remy Robotics, became our clients.

Such a rapid flow of customers and successful entry into the Western market provided an impetus to expansion. We began to work five together, and this is great because we have a close-knit, reliable team.
The active growth of the agency quickly shaped the principles and goals of our work. We have already written about them in the very first article of the blog. Read, it will be interesting.


The 2018th year was indeed intensive. Our IT recruiters:
  • Filled over 100 job openings for 25 companies;
  • Found in such companies as Remy Robotics, Yandex partners, built long-term relationships;
  • Started working in the English market;
  • Found a job for candidates in Riga, Barcelona, Tallinn, London, Cyprus.
Along with the achievements it is fair to point out both the ups and downs of the agency. However, we cannot do this because we have not had a single failure case.

We have gained success literally from the first day of work. On the one hand, the reason lies in the fact that even before the opening of the agency, Tanya has perfectly approved herself as a professional in the selection of IT staff.

Therefore, good recommendations allowed to land first customers.

On the other hand, a serious approach to the work of our recruiters, responsibility for the result, customer satisfaction created the conditions for a high level of trust.

Therefore, we attract not only new customers but also maintain strong ties with old ones.


Our key task is to provide quality services in the West along with the Russian market. When we conducted a study on the quality of services provided by recruitment agencies in European countries, we found that it suffers.
We strive to remedy this situation and prove that high-quality recruitment of staff is not fortune, but the standard.

Happy New Year to you! We wish you professional success, interesting tasks, fulfillment of your desires.

Best wishes,
the Lucky Hunter team

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