Why should I cooperate with a new IT recruitment agency
if I already have some partners?

This question can be heard quite often, so we decided to devote a separate article to it. So today we will talk about why cooperation with a new IT recruitment agency while having existing partners is more of an advantage than a disadvantage.

Increasing your recruiting opportunities

One of the main advantages of this approach is the chance to further strengthen the hiring and optimize recruiting processes. Even if your company has recruiting partners, finding a new tech recruitment agency makes it possible to increase the number of resources to fill the job openings.

This is especially true if the company has several search streams, for each of which you need to find several IT talents.

No prepayment needed

Sometimes you can find the opinion that if you find a new IT recruitment agency in addition to those with whom the company already works, the costs of cooperation also increase. In fact, this is not entirely true.
In IT recruiting, there is usually no prepayment: the customer pays for the tech recruitment service only after the candidate starts working. That's when the service is considered completed — as a rule, no IT recruiting agency takes an advance payment.
This moment frees you from the costs of cooperation with each technical recruitment agency at the start: you pay for its services only if they bring you results. Thus, the risks for the client are minimal here — even when partnering with several contractors at once, you pay for the service only that fills your vacancies. To start working with a new IT recruitment agency, as a rule, it is enough just to sign a contract that sets out the terms of cooperation.

A chance to compare and choose the most efficient contractor

The involvement of a new IT recruitment agency in cooperation makes it possible to get a fresh look at many points, which is sometimes useful for optimizing processes. For example, agency recruiters will help identify bottlenecks in recruitment and offer an option to fix them.
In addition, cooperation with several contractors allows, if necessary, to reduce their circle, choosing the partner with whom cooperation is most effective. The metrics in this case are quite clear and transparent — the number of job openings filled, the speed of work, the number of replacements.
Therefore, the search for a new IT recruiting partner while having already existing ones, can help to get an independent opinion on various points related to the hiring processes, find the most effective contractor and refuse to cooperate with those with whom, for some reason, the desired results are not achieved.

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