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The phrase "the world heads downhill" has long ceased to have no bearing on our reality. At the end of February, like in many other companies, serious changes have taken place within our team: we relocated to different countries, opened an account on behalf of Legal Entities in Armenia and Kazakhstan, and in a few weeks our boss Tanya is relocating to London.

Let's talk about these and some other changes and news in our traditional newsletter.

New Lucky Hunter addresses

The main news of Lucky Hunter is the opening of several accounts on behalf of Legal Entities - in Armenia and Kazakhstan.

This step was necessary so that we could continue to work and receive payment from clients.


Armenia and Kazakhstan proved not only to be the countries in which Lucky Hunter received an account on behalf of the legal entity, but also a useful place to develop partnerships.

So, for example, we began to actively cooperate with the largest tech park in Kazakhstan - Astana Hub, where Tanya successfully held a lecture on tech hiring, talking about how to look for employees in the new realities, and where to relocate businesses. She also gave some tips for candidates.

We also managed to hold a large-scale webinar on a similar topic, where Tatiana, together with the business developer of the Intch service Evgeny Nelepko, shared her own relocation experience, talked about what is happening in the IT market now and, most importantly, what's going to happen in the future.
And, of course, we will also mention that on April 25, Tatiana was invited as a speaker to the roundtable discussion: "Personnel in the tech sphere", where CEO Lucky Hunter spoke honestly and openly about the situation on the market, gave some advice on hiring and finding a job in IT, took part in the discussion of changing position of women in the field of information technology.

Tech market research

We at Lucky Hunter conduct IT market research on a regular basis. The crisis-related and unpredictable spring of 2022 was no exception. After interviewing more than 130 respondents, we learned about what is happening on the IT recruiting market, what the priorities in the search for specialists are, in what countries companies search for professionals right now. We also revealed changes in the reaction of candidates to job offers.

Narrowing of geography search

So, for example, we found out that 4 companies stopped hiring specialists from all unsafe countries at once - Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The same number of companies noted that they stopped hiring specialists only from Russia and Belarus, and exactly the same number of companies stopped looking for employees living in Russia.


Some companies, on the contrary, have focused on hiring specialists from unstable regions. Thus, 12 respondents answered that they are considering companies from Russia and Belarus as a priority, and four companies, in addition to these countries, are also looking for specialists from Ukraine.
P.S. We also have a new sticker pack in telegram! If you have an account, follow the link to download the sticker pack :) In the meantime, sharing the photos of our stickers with you!

Publications in media

While regularly working on filling vacancies, we do not forget about increasing our brand awareness in the industry, the desire to be useful, talking about what is happening on the tech recruiting market, how to find candidates and cope with endless stress.

So, we continue to write a column in Forbes Councils, give comments for Insider, write posts for INC, Hackernoon, Recruiter and many other platforms.

If you have not had time to read our articles, you can do it right now :) Sharing links to publications!

Some of the Lucky Hunter publications

What has changed at Lucky Hunter?

Relocation service

The most important change that happened in Lucky Hunter is, of course, the launch of a new relocation service. We decided that we couldn't just keep doing our job because we feel we have the resources to help companies and professionals in this challenging reality.

We decided to consult on relocation, help companies decide on the country to which they can relocate employees, and also provide the maximum discount on hiring to those companies that are ready to relocate specialists from unsafe regions to their foreign offices.

For more information about the service, please follow the link.
By the way, we already have the first successful case related to the relocation service, which you can also read about by following the link.

The Lucky Hunter team

Some changes have taken place within our team: Nina, the personal assistant of our boss Tanya, has joined our ranks. Nina helps us a lot to organize life, greatly simplifying our everyday routine and organizing cool team events!

Despite the fact that corporate parties have not yet taken place due to the current circumstances, we still sometimes gather for wine and delicious food.

Nina, thank you for such a great start, we believe that we will have a productive and fruitful cooperation!
Nina Belova
Personal Assistant

P.S. Sharing new photos of our team with you!


  • New markets
    First, we are going to conquer the British IT market. Very soon, Tanya will be in London. She's already received her visa and booked tickets. This means that we at Lucky Hunter, despite a difficult political situation and instability, continue to actively develop and do our job the best possible way.
  • London Tech Week
    Moreover, as soon as Tanya lands in London, she will not only head off to conquer the city, but also attend the largest IT conference in the UK - London Tech Week, where we've been approved as a promising startup.
  • Career fair
    Cooperation with Astana Hub has not been finished either: in July we are going to hold a large-scale career fair, to which we invite you too! At the fair, you can get acquainted with the offers of large companies, find interesting internships and work, and if you represent an IT company, write to us, we will add your company to the list of participants. This will not only boost your employer brand, but it also will help you find great tech professionals. Follow the news on our social networks!
And in accordance with our tradition, very soon we are going to shoot a series of new videos. We will talk about our coolest cases, services, as well as provide useful content in a convenient format for many people.

We dream that soon the world will resume the normal course, we will live in peace and harmony, conquering new horizons. Take care of yourself, we believe that everything will be fine very soon!

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