Lucky Hunter Herald: spring 2021

On the streets of St. Petersburg and London, it's drizzling, but we don't feel sad: we at Lucky Hunter have a chain of pleasant events, which we traditionally share on the pages of our blog.

We began to work with new clients, including well-known IT companies, celebrated two birthdays, two anniversaries and one promotion, shot a series of new videos, increased personnel and continue to look for new employees, spoke at the TEDx conference, and very soon we'll go to Minsk!

But first things first: let's talk about our news in the latest Lucky Hunter newsletter.
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Lucky hunter Team

Over the past few months, the Lucky Hunter team has been replenished with two new employees at once: the awesome IT Researcher Karina and the wonderful IT Recruiter Katya have joined us!
IT Recruiter
IT Researcher
Katerina Ilyushchenko
Kovalenok Karina
Traditionally, we tell you about Lucky Hunter employees on our social media pages: very soon we will publish a short interview with our new lucky ones. The girls will talk about their job, responsibilities and sources of professional inspiration!
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Despite the fact that several new employees have recently come to us, we continue to actively grow our team: a frenetic flow of clients, work on several markets and the need to increase Lucky Hunter's recognizability have motivated us to open two vacancies at once: the position of an IT Recruiter and the role of a Content Manager!
We are always glad to receive personal recommendations, so if you have someone in mind, do not hesitate to let us know: we will be glad to consider your candidate :)
And that's not all great news: there is one more promotion at Lucky Hunter! IT Recruiter Valeria Soboleva now holds the position of Lead Recruiter.

Almost three years of hard work weren't for naught: Valeria has become a real professional in her field, and now she dips her toe into a new role, teaching and helping young Lucky Hunter employees to become more experienced in this challenging field of IT recruiting!

Still, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. The spring has also brought some grave news: our, perhaps the most humorous (but no less professional) IT recruiter Maria Kartafenkova made a tough choice and decided to change her career. Maria will have a shot at the tech field, having trained for the profession of a QA Engineer.
IT Recruiter
(and future QA)
Lead IT Recruiter
Maria Kartafenkova
Valeria Soboleva
Despite the fact that such news always makes us feel sad, we are very proud of Maria and wish her success in her new job! And, of course, it's always great to understand that if an employee decides to leave Lucky Hunter, then only because they want to become tech professionals. Still, we know not only how to make candidates "fall in love with" the industry, but also ourselves :)

Holidays at our staffing agency

During the spring we didn't stop singing "Happy birthday to you"! In April, we celebrated the birthday of three "gang members" at once: our wise and courageous boss Tanya, the breathtaking IT Recruiter Maria, and the best lawyer on the planet Lena.
We congratulate our beauties on the past holidays. We wish you bright events, great victories and good health. Hooray!
P.S. Our beloved boss in honour of her birthday brought joy to us by organizing a festal dinner :) Sharing the photos of the event with you!
In addition to personal anniversaries, we had two professional ones at Lucky Hunter. Our Lead Recruiter Dasha has celebrated three years at Lucky Hunter! Dasha was the very first employee who came to Lucky Hunter, from year to year she improved her professionalism, at the end of 2019 she became the Lead recruiter of the company.
We wish Dasha even more cool achievements, inspiring projects, ambitious goals and granted wishes! Hooray:)
Another anniversary at Lucky Hunter happened with our Document Control Coordinator Ira. Ira has been working for the company good for two years already: There are no words to describe Ira's contribution to the company development. Ira is responsible for all transactions, deadlines for making offers and signing all kinds of documents.
Ira copes with this responsible and sometimes stressful work with a bang! Ira, thank you for being with us and we believe that you will be for many years to come.


In April 2021, our boss went to Perm and not just on a tour, but in order to speak at the annual TEDx conference. The topic was: "Employment vs own business. What to choose?"

In June, Tatiana plans to repeat the experience by going to the second TEDx conference in Kazan, however. She is going to compete complete even a more ambitious task: Tatiana's speech will be entirely in English.
We believe that this event will help us to quickly take on the international market, especially now our official one - the British one.

Photos from the conference:

In addition, in June our team will go to an IT conference in Minsk. We will present Lucky Hunter and its project CVHub, communicate with clients, conquer the world :)

Lucky Hunter Clients

Over the past few months, we started working with a large number of new companies. Among them are:
  • Playrix
    The company was founded in 2004. Playrix is currently the leader among mobile game developers in the CIS and is one of the Top 3 largest mobile app developers in the world. The guys have created hits such as Wildscapes, Homescapes, Gardenscapes, Fishdom and Township, which millions of people play every day.
  • Tinkoff. Investments
    Developed by Tinkoff Bank, it's service for the purchase of securities and currencies. It provides easy and convenient access to the world's stock markets.
  • Securrency
    It is a technology products company that delivers a complete suite of security and compliance tools to issuers, broker-dealers, and alternative trading system (ATS) operators to enable the issuance, maintenance, and secondary trading of tokenized securities.
  • Matchingham Games
    It's a game publishing company. It works with various game studios from all over the world.
  • Scalable solutions
    It is an international technology company that creates modern fintech solutions.
  • SperaSoft
    Leading company in the development of computer video games. The company's offices are located in the USA, Russia and Poland.
Of course, we continue to work with our regular clients, helping to fill a variety of positions!

Working with a large number of new clients who trust us to fill the rarest vacancies on the market has certainly left its personal stamp on the work of Lucky Hunter: we have once again broken our personal record and have grown revenue! This means that now even more opportunities and pathways are open for us.

P.S. We have recently made a series of new videos. We talked about several unique cases, explained the features of our exclusive Executive Search service, and compiled a guide for finding specialists from around the world. Wait for the news, we will soon publish the video on our channel!

Until then, check out the backstage :)

Lucky Huntr Plans

As always, we have only grandiose plans:
  • Overseas Markets
    We are now doing our best to fully operate from London: our boss gets a visa for Exceptional Talent, we continue to work with RSI, filling joint tech vacancies, and in the fall we'll go to a conference in Birmingham.
  • VHI
    Due to the fact that we at Lucky Hunter have once again surpassed ourselves and entered new turnovers, we are going to issue a VHI - a rare but very useful "perk", which is now available to us :)
  • Development
    And, as we said, we plan to speak at many conferences (Minsk, Birmingham, TEDx. Kazan), hire new employees, celebrate success at the June corporate party, and, ultimately, conquer the world of IT recruiting :)

Despite our busy schedule and lots of inspiring work, we will always have a place for you: contact Lucky Hunter for IT-HR services and fill your staff with cool IT specialists. We are waiting for your requests!

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