Lucky Hunter Newsletter: September 2022

We discovered that we hadn't told you about what's going on at Lucky Hunter for several months. And quite a lot is happening at our company: Tanya, the founder and CEO of our agency, moved to London and opened two legal entities (one in London and one in Dubai). Moreover, two new employees joined our ranks, we began to provide several new services at once, and, of course, work with new clients.

We are alive, actively working and even expanding, successfully overcoming difficulties and, as usual, doing the impossible. But let's talk about everything step by step.


A year ago, we could not even imagine that our company could expand so rapidly. Over the past six months, despite all the difficulties, through incredible efforts, we were able not only to keep our team but also to hire new, cool colleagues.

In the summer, two lawyers Dinara and Nare began working with us. Ladies help us in every possible way to resolve financial issues regarding our legal entity in Kazakhstan and Armenia. In addition, we are actively looking for an SMM specialist and a Business Developer.
Accountant | Armenia
Accountant | Kazakhstan
Our recruiting department is also actively expanding: right now we are looking for a researcher, and if you have good recommendations, we will be very pleased to receive them from you!
We are thrilled to see the incredible growth of our team. This is the main indicator that everything is fine with us, we continue to conquer the world, opening more and more offices in different countries.

Holidays and events

Over the past six months, everything has changed a lot: we moved to different countries and worked hard to ensure that our business continued to develop. Therefore, not only mentally, but also physically, we could not hold a full-fledged offline corporate party for the whole team.

At the same time, missing each other, we've implemented several new things, thanks to which the transition to a full remote was not so painful.
We have wine evenings where we share the news and just talk about our news, as well as joint morning coffee, where our new lucky colleagues talk about themselves and get to know the team.
Let's say even more: despite the fact that we work from different countries, our Tanya does not forget to congratulate us on the holidays, cheer us up during illnesses and just do nice things in honour of a good job.

So, for example, our content manager Yulia celebrated a year of work at Lucky Hunter in August. Thanks to the work of Nina, our CEO's personal assistant, and, of course, Tanya herself, Yulia received many different "amenities" at home directly from her boss in London. Wonders will never cease!
And, once again due to the fact that we are now working remotely, we, of course, will take the opportunity to congratulate Yulia once again - right now on our blog! Julia, you are amazing! Thank you for your work, your creatives, heart-pounding slogans and the ability to coolly "pack" any idea into a catchy text. You are truly our star! We believe in a long and happy future together.
Of course, we can't work for a long time without face-to-face communication, so in the winter we plan to hold a corporate party in the country where Tanya will open her fifth office!


As always, our work with clients is in full swing. If in the spring and early summer we felt that we did not have as much workload as we would like, now everything is alright - we, as always, are on fire, and we receive many requests for cooperation with cool companies from the European Union and the USA.

Among our new clients:
  • AnkiPRO
    It is an interactive mobile application that helps users memorize any material, learn new information, master languages and even prepare for university exams.
  • EasyMarkets
    It is a leading provider of software and data for the financial industry.
  • ServeTheWorld
    It is one of the largest hosting companies in Norway.

Great Britain

Two months ago, our boss Tanya finally moved to London, she has already managed to attend London Tech Week, the largest IT conference in the UK, register Lucky Hunter in one of the largest banks under the name of IT Lucky Hunter Limited and acquire useful contacts.

The UK is an important stage in the development of Lucky Hunter, which opens great opportunities for us to develop our business on a global scale, to establish a strong position for the company in the international market.


Three months have passed since the last newsletter, and during this time Lucky Hunter has been actively published in various media, including Forbes, and Startups Magazine.

In addition, our founder Tanya managed to participate in the recording of the podcast and was also an invited guest on the Relocode Youtube channel.

As you can see, we are in full swing with life, and the demand for our expertise and comments is constantly growing.

Share the materials in case you did not have time to look through them on your own:


To vividly reflect our plans, here is an example of a small dialogue from our marketing team:
Our BD: –Girls, tell us, why have you put the chess king on the landing page of your UK website?
Our content manager: – It's simple. The fact is that we are kings in the world of tech recruiting.

To continue to prove this in practice is our task for the near future. And, of course, we will not stop expanding. Filling out another form for joining the UK club of cool businesses, we indicated that our goal is to open offices in the United Arab Emirates, the USA and China. Lucky Hunter is growing rapidly, and our goals are growing with it. We know that we will succeed!

We dream that soon the world will resume the normal course, we will live in peace and harmony, conquering new horizons. Take care of yourself, we believe that everything will be fine very soon!

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