Unusual perks offered by IT companies from all over the world

Work is a huge part of our life: on average, a person spends a third of their life at work, which means that the more comfortable the working conditions are, the higher the employee's quality of life is.

In our new article, we've decided to share with you the unusual working conditions offered by companies from all over the world. Among them are well-known Google, Facebook, Twitter. And as a little bonus, we'll also tell you about several original perks that some of the Lucky Hunter clients offer.

Leisure Hours

  • CInema trips
    The well-known American GameDev company Insomniac Games makes compensation for cinema trips, including popcorn and drinks.
And for those employees who don't like such events, the company offers "happy hours" during which employees can relax drinking milk and eating cookies.
  • We're closed
    Adobe, in turn, closes its doors for a whole week in December and in one summer month so that employees can switch from tasks and gain strength.
And one British fintech company organizes two free trips for employees to Estonia, the country where the story of the startup began. Pretty good, isn't it? :) Although, we've also heard about companies where TOP managers get free trips to tropical countries as a regular bonus.


Perhaps one of the most impressive bonuses that we've read about is the compensation of 50% of the salary of a deceased employee to his/her spouse. Such unusual support is provided by Google.
  • Spotify also surprised us: the company covers the costs of egg freezing and any other services relating to fertility.
Among our clients, there are also quite pleasant perks. For example, one of our clients makes compensation for the services of a corporate psychologist, while another client offers employees free yoga classes.


Before the pandemic hit our world, the office had been the indispensable workspace for most people, and many large IT companies have creatively approached the office organization.
  • Drinks
    For example, in the Twitter office, there is a beer tap that employees may use during the working day, and in the corporate kitchen, there is always wine available. Quite an original way to help employees relax, isn't it? :)
Google's office has been legendary for many years. It seems that there is literally everything on the company territory: laundry, showers, changing rooms, relaxation rooms for those who decide to spend the night at work.
By the way, according to some sources, those employees who prefer an office to home are offered additional material awards and fast career growth.
  • Also, the Google office is equipped with a fitness centre, a swimming pool slides instead of stairs, a cinema, and, of course, excellent free food from the personal Google restaurant.
It is noteworthy that every Google employee can take one friend to the office and share any kind of leisure with him/her, including lunch at the office restaurant.
  • Facebook is hardly very far ahead of Google, moving in 2015 to the largest open space in the world. The office of the corporation also offers all the facilities for the employees: from laundry and dry cleaning to bike and car rental.
Some Lucky Hunter clients can boast of having a massage therapist in the office, free lawyers, and payment of costs for a sanatorium for employees' children.


We've decided to write about "pandemic perks" in a separate section because it has broken new ground for encouraging employees. For example, one Lucky Hunter client provides weekly home delivery of fruit to all company employees.

Another client compensates the rent for the workplace at coworking for those specialists who, in conditions of forced remote work, prefer to work not from home.
Still, remember that bonuses are, of course, excellent, but according to many studies, including ours, the project, prospects, and salary still play an important role for tech specialists.
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