Pride and Prejudice: Addressing candidates' concerns about collaborating with IT recruitment agencies

IT recruitment agencies play a crucial role in finding and selecting highly skilled specialists. Although IT recruiters have been around for a while, there are still myths, biases, and stereotypes associated with this profession. Previously, we debunked some misconceptions about how IT recruitment agencies operate. Today, we aim to help clarify any concerns and uncertainties regarding the partnership between candidates and these agencies.

First things first

Lucky Hunter is an IT recruitment agency that provides staffing services for companies. Companies contact us for assistance when they need top-notch IT specialists. We neither handle job searches for candidates nor help write resumes and cover letters.

Furthermore, in our experience, there are cases when candidates are unsure about the companies they are invited to work for. They ask questions like, "Will I be placed in Company X? Or will I be working for Company X while being employed by your agency?"

When we reach out to a candidate, we believe they could be a good fit for specific company requirements. Unfortunately, not all candidates are content when contacted by a recruiter. Many either have mistrust or decline collaboration due to concerns or simply a lack of information.

What doubts can candidates have when communicating with agencies? Here are our top 7 prejudices

IT recruiters lack expertise in IT specialisations and don't understand what I do
It's important to understand that recruiters are professionals whose task is to find the best candidates for companies. Many recruiters have a technical education and work experience in IT, which allows them to understand both candidates and clients. Recruiters often deal with various technology stacks and are required to understand the complexities of different IT industries.
At Lucky Hunter, we've successfully filled numerous rare positions, ranging from Machine Learning Team Leaders to ASO Specialists.
The agency doesn't know anything about the company
Sometimes candidates worry that recruiters don't have sufficient knowledge about the company. However, professional IT recruitment agencies thoroughly research each company, its projects, and the requirements for the specialist, and based on this information, they create a candidate profile and a search strategy.
They just make things more complicated – it's simpler for me to directly contact the company
Candidates fear that collaborating with agencies might slow down the hiring process. In reality, it's quite the opposite. Agency recruiters have well-established practices, actively monitor the process, ensure efficiency, and keep the communication lines open, prompting companies for feedback to provide candidates with updates promptly.
Agencies will sell my personal data
Candidates worry that agencies might share their personal information or resumes with companies or third parties without their knowledge. Reputable agencies handle the storage and collection of personal data carefully. You can review the privacy policy on our website.
Attention! Fraud Alert!

Please be aware that our agency's recruiters will exclusively use LinkedIn and the email address you provide as our main communication channels. Under no circumstances will our agency contact you using your personal phone number. If you ever receive any communication via WhatsApp claiming to be from our agency, please be cautious, as it is definitely not from us.
The agency will just forward my resume to the company
That's not the case: IT recruitment agencies do much more than simply find and forward resumes. To achieve results, recruiters review and study hundreds of resumes, use various search channels, create candidate profiles, conduct interviews, maintain communication, and participate in all stages of the selection process from initial briefing to extending offers. It's not just resume forwarding; it's a challenging and meticulous job.

At Lucky Hunter, we understand the difficulties and challenges that startups face. The lack of investments is one of the most common reasons behind the failures of many startups. During the initial years of a startup's existence, it remains vulnerable, as it is constantly at risk of shutting down if investments cease.

Did you know that the right PR and recruitment strategies influence startup investment success?

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IT recruitment agencies expect me to pay
The misconception that recruitment agencies require candidates to pay a fee is quite widespread. However, in reality, candidates don't need to pay recruiters. The fee is covered by the employer, making the collaboration free of charge for the candidate.
I could be set up to work in a low-quality company
There's a concern that recruitment agencies might place a candidate in an unverified or unreliable company. However, most professional agencies rigorously screen clients to maintain their reputation and ensure quality placements.

At Lucky Hunter, we might decline collaboration for several reasons:
  • Lack of 'match'
    We at Lucky Hunter work with clients who share our values and beliefs.
  • Resource overload
    If we recognise that we don't have enough resources to effectively work on filling a vacancy, we are likely to decline to take it on.
  • Non-competitive employment terms
    If a client offers non-competitive employment terms or specialist requirements and is unwilling to consider our recommendations and adjust the job profile in line with market realities.
  • Illegal schemes and projects
    We do not collaborate with projects involved in illegal schemes (such as online casinos) and are cautious when dealing with crypto startups.
We hope we have addressed your concerns and provided you with a better understanding of how IT recruitment agencies operate.

If you're looking for an IT specialist, don't hesitate to reach out to Lucky Hunter. We'll do our best to assist you in filling any IT vacancy! Fill out the form, and we'll definitely get in touch with you.

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