IT recruitment agency vs in-house recruitment

What to choose during a crisis?
Now the economy is going through another global crisis and the mood of the majority is pretty tense: every business is trying to figure out how to optimize expenses in order not only to survive this period but also to continue to grow and develop.

When it comes to IT recruitment, the opinion “it's expensive, so we can do it by ourselves” is often heard. Today we debunk this myth in a new article and talk about why cooperation with an IT recruitment agency during a crisis will be more effective than hiring an internal recruitment department.


Perhaps it will be surprising for someone, but the expenses of cooperation with an IT recruiting agency are lower than the cost of creating and operating in-house recruiting.

You pay the agency only for the service upon its completion (usually it is a percentage of the candidate's annual salary), and if there is an internal staff of recruiters, the company pays everyone a salary, bonuses, and other perks provided by the company.

In addition, the expenses of recruiting services and various job boards for publishing vacancies also fall on the shoulders of the employer — for example, on average, only CRM can cost about $ 4,000 per year.

As a result, even with cost optimization, salary payments to internal recruiters every month, together with the payment for all necessary working tools, will still remain much more than a one-time payment for IT recruitment services provided by the agency.

Another important point is the absence of any prepayment for the client: the company pays for the service only after the candidate accepts the offer and starts working.


Prompt hiring is the key to the success of many business processes. A tech recruitment agency uses a variety of services and resources in its work that allow tech talent recruitment in a short time (for example, Lucky Hunter usually fills a job opening within up to 14 days).

In addition, a partnership with the agency will also save your time, which you can spend on making important decisions and developing your business instead of studying the CVs of professionals. Agency recruiters will:
  • conduct an initial selection;
  • form a pool of relevant candidates who fit your requirements and are already motivated to cooperate;
  • conduct initial interviews and help organize further calls with company representatives;
  • give feedback to the candidates, and in the end, if necessary, they will give advice on forming a competitive job offer.


Agency recruiters work with many job openings, including complex cases, so they have experience in solving them. This may be a rare profile, features of the proposed conditions, or other factors that greatly narrow the circle of potential candidates.
As a rule, an IT recruitment agency has its database of candidates, including rare specialists. This allows them to reach the right IT talents faster and fill job openings more quickly.
Moreover, the agency's recruiters have experience with actions in specific conditions (for example, a long stop list), which also allows them to work with complex cases as efficiently as possible.

An IT recruitment agency can also, if necessary, evaluate your recruiting processes from the point of view of efficiency and advise on how to optimize them to increase your competitiveness in the hiring market: for example, revise and simplify the selection stages or give up a large test assignment that can be a problem for many candidates.

Agency recruiters work with both customers and candidates, so they are always aware of the trends in the IT market, which gives them a chance to develop effective strategies for technical recruitment.

A complex approach

The agency is not limited only to the selection of CVs. This is complex work: creating a portrait of a candidate, developing a search strategy and motivation, primary selection, coordination of further stages, and assistance in making a job offer.

In addition, a big advantage of a technical recruitment agency is that with its help you can solve all your tasks at once, without delegating this to a lot of your employees, but simply by ordering several services relevant to you.

Recruiters at an IT recruitment agency will:
  • do the technical recruitment and executive search;
  • conduct a study of the IT market (for example, help determine the optimal country for opening a new office);
  • as well as advice for the company on the relocation of employees.


Also, as a rule, an IT recruitment agency offers guarantees, according to which it is obliged to provide a candidate replacement for free within a specified period (we have 60 days from the moment the candidate starts working). This protects the customer from having to spend resources on re-selecting a specialist.

Nevertheless, we consider it necessary to note that replacements rarely occur — at least if IT recruitment is done by our agency :)

We are waiting for your inquiries! If you still doubt the effectiveness of the partnership with an IT recruiting agency — also fill out the form below, we will contact you and make all your doubts disappear :)

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