3 Recruitment Channels to Avoid When Searching for IT Candidates

Many IT recruiters know which channels are effective enough to find candidates. Among them are Telegram, LinkedIn, Amazing Hiring, and some other channels.

However, because of intense technologies development, new apps and services appear on a regular basis on the market. Some IT recruiters started to choose them as a new platform for searching IT specialists, even those ones that are not quite relevant for tech recruiting.

In our new article telling you what these channels are and why they should not be used by recruiters in work.

Dating sites and apps

  • Tinder
    Today there are many special applications that people use for romantic purposes. The most famous one is Tinder.
If initially, such applications were created for single people who dream of finding a "soul mate", then today it's a business platform where specialists offer their services, writing about their skills in their bio, while some HR-s and recruiters are actively publishing open vacancies for developers.
On the one hand, it seems that in the age of the hard market, it's okay to recruit staff by all means and by using and channel, especially as popular and widespread as Tinder.
Still, we at Lucky Hunter don't recommend looking for IT specialists on dating sites. There are several reasons for this:
  • It's not entirely professional
    A competent IT recruiter will do everything possible in order not to violate the personal boundaries of candidates, and searching for specialists in an application created so that people get to know each other and start romantic relationships is a real space rape.
  • This increases the risk of encountering resentment
    Of course, by creating a profile on a dating site, you can describe your goals in detail and work only with incoming messages. Nevertheless, even this way of searching for candidates is fraught with stressful situations. You run the risk of receiving obscene or not-so-friendly messages from candidates, which can add additional chaos to an already stressful job.

Personal social networks

Similar to the story of finding specialists through dating sites, where you risk "invading" the personal boundaries of a specialist, recruiting via personal social networks also violates the personal boundaries of candidates.
  • VK/Instagram
    Being on social networks, such as VK (sometimes Facebook) or Instagram, most people prefer to relax, chat with friends, scroll through the news feed after a hard day at work, and most likely they don't really want to solve work issues in a place they visit to relax.
But let's think: how profitable is it for us to present the client's company under a cloud? How does this help us "sell" the job opening if we don't protect the client's HR brand? Agree, it is in our interests to create a favourable impression of our customers, otherwise, few people will be interested in the vacancy :)
This is a slightly different story, and in rare cases, when it wasn't possible to reach the candidate through other channels, the practice of communicating with a specialist through personal social networks is not prohibited, the main thing is to first apologize for violating the personal space of the candidate.

Popular job boards

IT is the candidate's market. That is why IT professionals are rarely looking for work and, therefore, rarely update their CVs. Nevertheless, the specialist decides to update the CV, the real "hunger games" begin for the candidate's attention among recruiters.
According to some studies, on average, a Senior-level specialist who has updated a CV receives about 500 job offers a month. Therefore, the chance that a specialist will notice a recruiter's offer among other offers is rather small.
That is why it turns out that such channels won't be effective enough for IT recruiters, and when looking for specialists it's better to focus on other, more relevant platforms, like LinkedIn or Telegram.

A Few General Tips for Finding IT Professionals

  • Hire professionals actively through Telegram. Our latest research has shown that this is the most suitable channel for communication with recruiters, according to candidates' opinions.
  • Never ever call candidates without prior approval. This seemingly well-known requirement is still ignored, which spoils not only your reputation but also the reputation of all HR specialists and IT recruiters.
And as a bonus, sharing the link to one of our articles, where we talked in detail about how to make communication between a recruiter and a developer comfortable.
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