How to relocate an employee to another country

Since the end of February, the demand for the job openings offering relocation has increased significantly — this is especially relevant among candidates from unstable regions. Earlier, we told you how and where IT specialists can be relocated now, and also advised how to make a job search strategy taking into account current world events.

Today we will talk about relocation from a slightly different angle — from the companies' side. So let's discuss how relocation packages are formed, what you should pay attention to, and how you can relocate an employee to another country comfortably and quickly.

Relocation package

After you have decided on the country where you plan to relocate employees and candidates (we have already written about key destinations where IT companies are most often relocating their staff now), it is necessary to competently form a relocation package. A good relocation package makes your job offer more competitive in the hiring market and will help you fill a job opening faster.

When forming a relocation package, focus primarily on the resources of your business in order to plan everything in the most balanced way. You can consider a smaller payout, but attract candidates with other stimulating moments — for example, pleasant bonuses.
There are several options, of which, as a rule, each company chooses between: from an individual solution in the case of each specific candidate to fixed payments or compensation.
A fixed payment differs from cost compensation in that in the first case, the candidate receives a certain amount from the company, which they are free to spend as they wish: for example, for air tickets for them and their families, apartment rent and insurance. Salary wages for such packages can vary quite a lot — for example, from 6 to 15 thousand dollars. Cost compensation is a step-by-step compensation to an employee of some expenses related to relocation - for example, cargo transportation.

Necessary documents

This point includes not only the collection of the necessary documentation for the relocation package, but also the entire package of documents that an employee will need to move to another country. Pay attention to the legal issues: a specialist may have many questions about the process of relocation and legalization in the country, so it is important that you can quickly consult them on all issues, starting from the a work residence permit and ending with other related nuances.

Keeping your finger on the pulse and giving timely feedback in this situation is really vital to reduce the stress level for the candidate. So, in our practice there was a case when the client's company opened an office in Montenegro and urgently looked for a Java developer who was ready to relocate as quickly as possible. Due to the fact that many business processes in the Montenegrin office were built by the client from scratch, sometimes it was difficult to provide a candidate with concrete answers to various legal questions at once — for example, about the principle of taxation or getting a work permit. Nevertheless, the client always returned to the specialist with answers, which also helped to organize the relocation quickly and painlessly for both sides :)

Adaptation in the team

An important part of a competent relocation process of an employee is assistance in their adaptation. Moving to another part of the world is always stressful, and it is necessary to think about how the company can reduce it. It is optimal when such an adaptation is integrated into the onboarding process.
For example, it can be pre-onboarding, which is better to start one and a half to two weeks before the candidate starts working: so they will have the opportunity to learn more about the company and be prepared for the first day. It gives them a chance to fell less stressful, especially if they start working in a new country.
In addition, in some companies, HR managers help the newcomer to make the first connections within the team and introduce them to colleagues with similar hobbies. This makes it possible to have the sense of belonging faster, as well as to make social connections in a new place — do not underestimate them, they matter. Often a specialist, when relocating, leaves most of their friends in the old place, so it is especially important to pay attention to establishing new acquaintances.

Are you in doubt about choosing a country to open a new office or form an attractive relocation package? Our tech recruitment agency will conduct a relocation consultation for your company, help you choose a country taking into account the specifics and tasks of your business, as well as guide you through all details on how to relocate the team and what to pay attention to.

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