The Lucky Hunter Tech Researches

Our team has been working in the IT recruiting market for over ten years. During this time, we've learned how to select the rarest tech specialists and mastered the specifics of the IT market.

Our knowledge, expertise and ability to quickly respond to industry changes allow us to provide a wide range of IT services.

HR analytics

Thus, recently we've told you about one of these services - business analytics in the HR sphere. We explained that with the help of HR analytics you can:
  • 1
    research the salaries in the IT market;
  • 2
    determine the qualifications of in-house employees and, as a result, pay salaries in accordance with specialists' skills;
  • 3
    identify how various functions of departments are implemented in competitive companies;
  • 4
    efficiently select tech staff.
Business Analytics in HR is indeed a very significant service that not every recruitment company can provide. We at Lucky Hunter have always provided this service, helping companies optimize their HR processes.

What's the difference between Lucky Hunter tech Researches and business analytics?

First, Lucky Hunter's research is not just a story about the HR sphere. Having increased the staff of professionals specializing in tech market research, we analyze any issues related to the tech industry.


For example, right now our Lucky Hunter team is gathering information on the number of IT companies in St. Petersburg that may be interested in renting our client's premises.

This research is not directly related to recruiting, but thanks to the tech focus of our company, we know how to conduct such analytics so that the client gets the most valid results.

Secondly, researches solve global business problems. If HR analytics is more related to solving HR issues, then research is able to cover more complex business demands.


For example, not so long ago, we at Lucky Hunter helped our client decide on a country in which it would be most profitable to open an office. The company was choosing between France, Germany and Italy. We researched the cost of office rental in these countries, analyzed the market for the availability of candidates the company needed, and identified the level of salaries such specialists get. In addition, we checked the availability of the necessary IT departments at the faculties in the universities of the countries. Thanks to our research, the company opened an office in Spain, eliminating all possible risks.

Thirdly, research in some cases requires more serious knowledge of specialists. This is knowledge of English (as we often conduct researches on the world market), and some programming languages (for example, R), and access to specific databases.

Thus, Lucky Hunter research is a wide-ranging concept that includes:
  • processing and collection of data on any issue of the IT market;
  • solving both HR and non-HR business tasks;
  • the work of professionals fully specialized in the tech field.

Lucky Hunter specifics

In addition to the fact that a team of professional analysts works at Lucky Hunter, as an international agency, we are able to analyze the global market. We work all over the world, know several foreign languages and are ready to conduct specific research for a specific request.

In addition, by agreeing to conduct a study for our clients, we guarantee a high-quality visual design of the research. Our data is not a spreadsheet in Excel and a long read in Google Docs. These are graphs, diagrams, boxplots, stylish design and infographics. And all this is described in layman's language.
But most importantly, we are ready to carry out the research on a tight schedule. For example, recently we've conducted a large-scale IT HR research for one IT company in just three days.

When should you order tech research service?

Beyond all doubt, you should order research when you have any business questions. It's especially important to conduct a market analysis if the result may positively affect the company's business processes.

The study can be associated with the new office opening, with the staff increase, and even with the decision on choosing new business directions. We don't limit you in your inquiries: you can contact us for conducting research on any issue linked to the IT sphere.

Locally, the tech researches of the Lucky Hunter team will allow you to solve any of your business issues, and globally - they'll improve the work of a whole business, help you reach new heights and determine the development pathway of your company.

Are you going to conduct research? Contact us: we work in the international market, are ready to complete the work in a short time. We are waiting for your requests!

Polina Barabanova
Content Manager at Lucky Hunter
Specializes in tech staff recruitment, startups, tech research, career, HR, and news topics. With her expertise, she provides valuable insights and practical advice to navigate the ever-evolving tech industry.

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