The results of 2021: Tatiana Melnichuk about what happened in Lucky Hunter

2021 was a busy year, there were many significant events, both in Lucky Hunter and in the IT recruiting sphere in general.

Tatiana Melnichuk, founder of the international IT recruitment company Lucky Hunter, on the pages of our blog talks about the main events, shares her thoughts about what awaits us in 2022, builds plans for the future.

Lucky Hunter is 4 years old. Is it a mature or still young company? I don't know what about you, but as for me this term seems very worthy. During these four years we have been providing one of the most complex services on the market, constantly expanding, moving to more spacious offices, increasing turnover and capturing new markets.

2021 was a turning point for us to some extent. We have reached a new level in every sense. We have defined the way of our team development, identified the growth opportunities for each employee. We have now two recruiting teams, and our lead recruiters, together with researchers, fill difficult and rare vacancies.

The result

This approach yields fruit: Researchers get the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and grow further to the position of recruiters, while new Lucky Hunter employees are "baptized with research experience" and almost painlessly and confidently immerse themselves in the difficult profession of recruiters.

We are developing our marketing department as well. A year ago, our department was quite small, and we increased our popularity in the network by gut feeling, trying to cover all professional sites a little bit chaotically, but today we already have two specialists, and a designer will join us after the New Year (we were looking for an employee for a very long time, painstakingly looking through dozens of test tasks).

This shows not only the transition to a more conscious business, but also confirms that we have the resources to scale and move to a qualitatively new level of work.

In the past year, we have finally moved into the category of companies that can afford to refuse to cooperate with clients that do not suit us spiritually.

What does it mean

We are not picky. This is growth, followed by an increase in the number of new vacancies, the arrival of the largest international clients, and the ability to choose only those companies with which it will be possible to work together 100% effectively.

We received more than 230 requests for filling vacancies in 2021, but only 30 companies that applied became our clients as a result. We worked well with each company just because we start working only with those who fully share our view of partnership in recruiting.
And partnership is everything for us. If we sign a contract with a company, this means that we will give 200% in order to make our work in accordance with the client's expectations.
We are now a world-class agency
Surely, all of these changes in Lucky Hunter are reflected in our positioning. We are no longer a young company, on the contrary, the resources that we have today show that we are now a world-class agency.

We have not yet come up with a worthy word for this transition, because "boutique", "exclusive", "elite" or any other epithet drives us into depression and does not reflect how we see ourselves. We will think about positioning, but the cost of our services, of course, will be higher.

By the way, our services are also changing. 2021 showed a high demand for IT research. We have carried out 6 complex studies of the IT market in different areas and having seen an incredible result of our work, we would make a focus on this service in 2022.
Now we have two statisticians, and I think that in the future we will open a special department for market research, and become not just an IT recruiting agency, but also a full-fledged research company.
We are now a world-class agency
In general, Lucky Hunter is growing rapidly, our offices are constantly becoming "small" for us, and we work with clients from The United Kingdom, the USA and Europe. Our focus for 2022 is reaching a qualitatively new level, expanding the range of services, and transforming Lucky Hunter into a world-class agency.

Dear friends, clients, colleagues. My Lucky Hunter team and I wish you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. We wish you to achieve all your goals in the upcoming year so that in each of your endeavors you will be accompanied by good luck and your dreams will come true. I wish you success, both professional and personal, health, prosperity to you and your business. Hooray!

Sincerely yours,
Tatiana Melnichuk

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