9 Roles an IT Recruiter Plays Every Day

IT recruiting is a multifaceted profession that requires exceptional, diverse knowledge from a recruiter to successfully hire specialists. This is a unique profession: every day a recruiter plays a variety of roles when selecting tech professionals.

The popular expression "jack-of-all-trades" is what characterizes the tough work of IT recruiters and helps to see far and wide.

What does IT recruiting include? What areas of knowledge is required for a recruiter to work successfully? What professions are part of the daily routine of an IT recruiter? Telling you in our new article :)

1. Copywriter / journalist / marketer

IT recruiters send hundreds of emails every day, write and publish dozens of vacancies, communicate with a large number of IT specialists. With the help of the text, the recruiter attracts the attention of the candidate, having previously compiled a portrait of the "target audience", identified its "pains" and ways of motivation.
Like an experienced journalist, an IT recruiter catches the talents' interest with the help of text and, of course, doesn't forget about the beautiful visual dressing of the vacancy :)

2. SMM manager

In IT recruiting, there are a huge number of channels for recruiting specialists, and among them are social networks.

A recruiter should know not only how to search for people through social media channels, but also understand the basic principles of posting, know the perfect size of publications, understand how to attract the audience, be a member of a large number of thematic groups, and understand the principles of promoting posts on social networks.

Of course, IT recruiters are not engaged in analytics, they don't promote accounts on Instagram and TikTok, but IT recruiters definitely use the techniques of SMM managers, especially those that are needed to work with Telegram, one of the most popular social networks for finding IT specialists.

3. Detective

Sometimes, in order to find the right IT specialist, an IT recruiter has to put in a lot of effort and tricks. Having only an old e-mail address of a specialist, a recruiter can find all the information about a candidate, up to a long-forgotten profile on some IT forum.
We always tell you that recruiting is not magic, but not when it comes to sourcing. In this field, we are real magicians :)

4. Sales manager

Writing an email or posting a job opening is only a small part of a recruiter's job. It's more important to sell the offer to the candidate. The ability to clearly and competently build a dialogue, understanding what to pay attention to during a conversation with a specialist and knowing how to convince a candidate to consider the offer is a real art of selling, which IT recruiters are really not bad at.
It turns out that the persuasion skills present not only in sales managers but also in talented IT recruiters :)

5. Psychologist

IT recruiting is, first of all, a people business. Understanding how human psychology works is an important skill that a recruiter should have. In addition, a recruiter is the very same person that understands how strong a candidate's soft skills are.

It is the recruiter who identifies how well the candidate will "fit" into the team, how he/she will cope with stress, whether he/she will be able to perform the proposed work.
Psychology and IT recruiting are inseparable things, so every successful IT recruiter has exceptional soft skills, including a high level of empathy, communication skills, sensitivity, outgoingness.

6. Project manager

The recruiting process is a whole project led by an IT recruiter. Each project is large-scale and includes a number of stages:
Job opening discussion
Discussion of the vacancy with the client and building the candidate profile
Creation of the vacancy description and active search for specialists
Scheduling an interview and agreeing upon time slots with the client
Supporting the candidate at all selection stages
Job offer
Agreement and coordination of the parties during the offer signing
The recruiter keeps a sharp lookout for the execution of each stage, completing the project with the long-awaited signing of the offer.

7. Negotiator

IT recruiter is a guide on the labour market. An IT recruiter helps the candidate and the client communicate at the most suitable time, supports the parties at all stages, helps in solving difficult situations, regulates force majeure by rescheduling interview dates and politely refusing unsuitable candidates.
An IT recruiter does everything to ensure that the client-candidate experience remains positive regardless of the outcome, and this is a true art form.

8. Analyst

One of the services in IT recruiting is called HR analytics. This is in-depth market research, charting (using special programming languages), working with a large amount of data and the ability to draw correct conclusions based on the information received.

9. Linguist

We won't speak for all IT recruiters, but at Lucky Hunter, our specialists not only play all the above mentioned roles but also select specialists around the world.
This requires an excellent knowledge of several foreign languages, and sometimes an understanding of the features of different mentalities.
As you can see, IT recruiting is a very multifaceted profession that requires a lot of knowledge and skills. At the same time, this is a very inspiring and exciting job, from the process of which we get great pleasure!

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Polina Barabanova
Content Manager at Lucky Hunter
Specializes in tech staff recruitment, startups, tech research, career, HR, and news topics. With her expertise, she provides valuable insights and practical advice to navigate the ever-evolving tech industry.

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