A Radical Change in the World of IT-recruiting or a Word on the Lucky Hunter and RSI London Collaboration

The Lucky Hunter agency was opened more than two years ago. Step by step, we achieved small, and sometimes very significant goals: found the first clients, started working with Yandex, and then with other major international companies, expanded our team from 2 to 12 employees.

We think we must share with you the news about the event that has happened very recently: we've completely entered the international market by becoming official partners of the British recruitment agency RSI London.

Do you think the partnership between the Lucky Hunter and the RSI London is significant only for us? Well, you are mistaken: our partnership means that a radical change in the world of recruiting will happen soon! How it all began, why the partnership between the Lucky Hunter and the RSI is revolutionary, and what the meaning of our collaboration is in our short article!


The Lucky Hunter company was opened in 2017. Then it was a very small, but very promising agency. Our office was in a cosy coworking in the centre of St. Petersburg, and only two people were working at the company: IT recruiter Daria (today holds the position of Lead recruiter) and the founder of the company Tanya (today holds the position of Muse).
The team was working all day long to achieve the first and main goal - to occupy a solid position on the market and build strong partnerships with clients. Everything went in the best way possible: our team was steadily expanding, we began to cooperate with Yandex, and after that with some foreign companies.
Finally, we realized: the time to enter the international market in order to achieve our most global goal has come. We see that Western IT recruiting faces a large number of problems: the quality of the service as well as its speed suffer a lot.

We want to change the understanding of IT recruiting in the world so that one of the most useful spheres - IT, could develop as quickly as possible, creating technologies that can fundamentally change our lives.
That's why when our colleagues from London wrote to us with an offer to join forces, we reacted with a high interest: a collaboration with a British agency would push Lucky Hunter closer to the most ambitious goal - the revolutionary change of the IT recruiting in the West.
A few months of negotiations, a trip to London, a solution of an office issue, and voila: the RSI London are the official partners of the Lucky Hunter!

RSI London: about the company

The RSI is an agency with a unique history. The RSI team selects personnel from any field: starting from hiring TOP managers from the field of technology and energy and ending with the selection of C-level professionals from the field of marketing, sales and finance.

The team has shown itself on the market: the RSI has been recruiting staff for more than 12 years, while large international companies and among the agency's clients.


We didn't lie when we said that the collaboration of the Lucky Hunter and the RSI is significant for you: from the ordinary service, we'll make the tech staff selection the most effective way of hiring, and here's why:

  • Down with the borders!

    Our joint work will connect even more hearts of cool candidates and companies from all around the world! We'll do this thanks to an expanded candidate database, a cool team of recruiters, work in two of the largest European cities: London and St. Petersburg.

  • Speed

    Thanks to the unique Lucky Hunter methods, we'll achieve the best results: now you can find your dream tech talent in just three weeks (provided that you don't need to organize a specialist relocation).

  • Expertise

    As they say, two heads are better than one. By joining our forces with the RSI team and adopting only the best from each other, we can provide the top-class service.

We believe that the Lucky Hunter and the RSI London collaboration will help companies find the most suitable candidates, and candidates get a job in a dream company. We are sure that the ideal team is the boon for the entire industry, and in the case of IT - of the whole world.

Polina Barabanova
Content Manager at Lucky Hunter
Specializes in tech staff recruitment, startups, tech research, career, HR, and news topics. With her expertise, she provides valuable insights and practical advice to navigate the ever-evolving tech industry.

We believe that we can overcome the crisis and provide services even better than before. To do this, let's help each other and act together because we are all one big team. And if you really need a new employee in your team who knows JS, PHP or any other programming language - contact Lucky Hunter. We know where the best candidates are hiding, even during the apocalypse.

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