Global tech recruitment: how does it work?

Geography of the search for IT recruitment agency Lucky Hunter
One of the most frequent questions we get is in which regions do we carry out recruitment in the IT field and search for developers? It would take a very long time to list because we work all over the world :) In this article, we will tell you more about our search geography and how we can find IT talent for your team anywhere in the world.

IT recruitment without borders

Our tech recruiting agency provides a truly limitless search for IT professionals. Even though our offices are located in London, Dubai, Yerevan, and Astana, we work online, so we can help you recruit IT staff in any country relevant to you.

This makes it possible to select suitable candidates without narrowing the geography of the search: since remote work is very common in the IT industry, the search for tech talents in different regions can significantly expand the funnel and help fill the job opening faster.

Search for software developers around the world

It all starts from the moment we receive your inquiry — we arrange the first call to know each other better and collect more detailed information about your request: what your company does, which regions you are interested in, and which open positions you would like to give us. By the way, if you missed the article where we talked about the main stages of the work of a recruitment IT agency, be sure to read it: there you can learn in detail about how everything works in IT recruitment agencies.

At the stage of acquaintance and vacancy discussion, it is very important to understand the regions of your main interest, since the further strategy of finding IT talents depends on it: so, we always find out if the customer has preferences for specific regions, or if they are ready to accept candidates from any countries, and also whether the position involves remote work or the candidate will need to relocate.
Our recruiters search for tech talents online using several resources at once: through their database of candidates collected manually, various recruiting services (for example, AmazingHiring), LinkedIn, as well as the help of specialized channels for searching by specific regions — for example, messengers popular in specific countries.
So, for the selection of IT personnel in Eastern Europe, our IT recruitment agency uses, among other things, the Telegram messenger, since there are many thematic channels and chats for tech professionals.

All interviews, starting with the initial ones, are also conducted online via video, thanks to which the recruiter has not only an excellent opportunity to establish eye contact and create the impression of an “offline” interview, but also pay attention to non-verbal communication, which also plays a vital role for forming a general impression about the candidate.

As a rule, at the start, recruiters ask the candidate how it would be more convenient for them to keep in touch (for example, on LinkedIn or in one of the messengers), and further communication takes place through the selected communication channel: from receiving feedback to agreeing on further meetings.

Our tech recruitment agency also communicates with the customer online: again, either in corporate services (as a rule, most often it is Slack) or in any other format convenient to both parties. Meetings, starting with the first call, are also held online, and documentation is filled out mainly in electronic form.

Therefore, if you are worried about whether we are recruiting IT personnel in the region you are interested in, do not worry, but rather leave a request so that we can discuss all the details and start cooperation, because the search for IT talents knows no boundaries (and our map is proof of that!), and our IT recruitment agency is happy to prove it!

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