How we work: the candidate search stage

Recently, we at Lucky Hunter have launched a series of articles devoted to the stages of IT recruiting. In each article, we elaborate on the steps we take to find tech candidates, how we interact with clients, what channels we use to communicate with specialists. In a word, we fully share everything that concerns our work.

Today telling you about the second recruiting stage - the search.

A Few Facts About Search


As a specialized international IT recruitment company, we gain access to all existing IT recruiting platforms. Among them are AmazingHiring, Podbor, Habr. Career, many other services.
We are also actively working with GitHub, LinkedIn, Telegram channels and chats, social networks, and our own candidate database.
Also reminding you that recently we've launched our own service for tech recruiting CVHub, which you can test for free. Our partners from Skolkovo say that with the help of our platform it's possible to quickly fill even the most challenging openings =)


Speaking of how many candidates' CVs we manage to process per day, then there will be quite average figures because everything depends on the position and its specifics. On average, a Lucky Hunter recruiter processes more than three hundred specialists' CVs a day and sends about a hundred emails to candidates.
Of course, the numbers will be slightly lower if our recruiters have a series of initial interviews scheduled.

CV selection and initial interview

One of our key advantages is speed. We guarantee that within four days after the job opening discussion, we provide CVs of the first selected candidates to our client.

Therefore, immediately after discussing the vacancy, we take on the vacancy and begin the search. As a rule, several Lucky Hunter specialists are working on filling a vacancy at once: an IT recruiter and a researcher.
This teamwork makes the search process more accurate and, of course, speeds up the selection process.


Specialists, whose CVs seemed to us suitable for the position, in most cases go through the namecheck stage in the client's company. If you haven't come across this term before, let's briefly explain: a namecheck is a kind of check of the names of candidates in the company's database. Namecheck is needed to determine if other recruitment agencies or inhouse recruiters of the client company are already communicating with this candidate.

After making sure that the candidate is not in the client's database, we schedule an initial interview with a specialist. The interview is usually 20-30 minutes long and is a very important step in the hiring process. During the initial communication, we:
  • 1
    tell about our client's company and reveal whether the candidate is interested in working on the project;
  • 2
    check the relevance of the information mentioned in the candidate's portfolio;
  • 3
    reveal how the candidate's hard skills correspond to reality (most often we check it by asking short theoretical questions prepared by our team or the team of our client);
  • 4
    determine how strong the specialist's soft skills are (we suppose, this is one of the key points we need to check during communication);
  • 5
    test the waters to see how to motivate a particular specialist to consider the offer, arouse the specialists' interest in the position.
If we see that the candidate is suitable for the position, we send the specialist's CVs to the client, supplementing it with our screening, formulated on the basis of initial communication.


After we send the Cvs of the selected specialists, we await our client's feedback. If the client likes the specialist's Cv and is ready to schedule an interview, we agree on a suitable time with both the candidate and the client, make sure that the interview takes place, monitor force majeure and always stand side by side if something goes wrong.
If it happens that the candidate isn't suitable for the client, we find out the reason, and based on this, we slightly adjust the search in order to hit the target during the search process.
All specialists who have successfully passed the interview with Lucky Hunter recruiters and were "approved" for the second interview with the client form a pool of finalists, bringing us and the client closer to the successful vacancy filling, but this is a completely different stage of hiring =) We will tell you about it in our new article.
Polina Barabanova
Content Manager at Lucky Hunter
Specializes in tech staff recruitment, startups, tech research, career, HR, and news topics. With her expertise, she provides valuable insights and practical advice to navigate the ever-evolving tech industry.

In the meantime, if you are searching for an IT specialist leave a request on our website and don't forget to read about how our first stage of recruiting - the stage of acquaintance.

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